“A Clean Solution for Air Pollution”

This Friday night, June 1, TBAG will be participating in the Arizona Science Center’s Adult Night Out program: “A Clean Solution for Air Pollution

This program features a free lecture on air pollution and its effects by Arizona State University professor Jean M. Andin, a showcase of environmentally-friendly alternative fuel vehicles, a planetarium presentation, and information on various air pollution solutions from local organizations (including TBAG).


June Adults’ Night Out: Air Pollution: Formation and Effects, a lecture on the status of air pollution in the Valley and what can be done to reverse its effects.

Jean M. Andino, Ph.D., P.E., Arizona State University

Friday, June 1
Doors open at 5:30 p.m.
Lecture starts at 7 p.m.
Planetarium presentation begins at 8:15 p.m.

Arizona Science Center
600 E. Washington St.
Downtown Phoenix in Copper Square

The planetarium presentation Arizona Skies will be shown following the lecture. The presentation is FREE for members and $5 for non-members.

FREE Hors d’oeuvres will be served. Beverages are available for purchase. All of the Science Center’s permanent exhibits will be available to explore. The parking garage is located on the southeast corner of 5th Street and Monroe.

The full AZ Science Center Adult Night Out Press Release

Monday Night Mtn Bike Races

As part of the migration of the TBAG website to our new URL at biketempe.org, the Monday Night Mtn bike race results and course information has switched hosts. Scooby is now hosting the info at FetishCyclesRacing.com

Here’s an update about the next race:


    There will be no race on Monday, May 28th due to the Memorial Day Holiday!

    Next Race: June 4th

    Event: Tempe Long Loop (2 Laps)

    Be at the footbridge by 6:30, racing will start shortly after.

Check it out!

Get involved: Support Tempe’s free bus program

As many of you know, the City of Tempe is trying to expand their free shuttle program to include College Avenue. The Tempe Bicycle Action Group thinks this is a great idea for lots of reasons – decreased traffic, more aware drivers (the shuttle drivers, that is), easy access to the light rail and downtown, opportunity for bike/bus commute combos, etc.

View TBAG’s open letter to the community explaining why it’s critical that we support Tempe’s free bus route expansions. Then read our fact sheet about the proposed routes.

A small but vocal group of cranky College Ave residents has decided that this program is a bad idea. Many of them are using cycling as a scapegoat for their opposition, which we think (based on their published comments to the city) really involves concern about the shuttles bringing in the “wrong” type of people into their neighborhood.

The final decision will be made at a city council meeting this Thursday. We need your help. The mayor and City Council strongly support this program, but need to hear from vocal cyclists and community members to counter the opponents.

This is where you can help. Please join us at the City Council meeting this Thursday, June 28th at 6 pm at the upside-down pyramid on 5th St, just East of Mill. If you would like to make a statement, that would be great. We can give you some talking points, but it’s best to just speak openly about your personal reasons for wanting the shuttle. If you’re uncomfortable speaking, please still join us. It is possible that the Council will ask the audience for a show of hands in support of the project. First round of beers to celebrate the new shuttle is on us!

Let us know if you plan to make it (mark@biketempe.org). If you do show up, wear a bicycle shirt if you have one. Carrying in your helmet’s probably not a bad idea either. Bonus points (and beer) for supportive signs.

Please spread the word and bring friends on Thursday. This may end up being a numbers game.

Please support this great program on Thursday!

Tempe Bicycle Action Group Board of Directors
Chris Crosby
Kate Darby
Stan Klonowksi
Mark Neff

College Ave. Circulator update

Last night Tempe City Council heard resident’s opinions on the College Ave. Neighborhood Circulator program. Council has decided to postpone a decision on the issue until their June 28th meeting. Although the web-survey has closed, citizens may still contact the Mayor and Council with their feedback. If you are a cyclist and believe that the College Ave. Circulators (in combination with the planned traffic calming) will result in a street that is more bicycle friendly, we encourage you to contact the Mayor and Council with your opinion.

Tempe Mayor and City Council contact information

Support the College Ave. Neighborhood Circulator

Tempe Bicycle Action Group strongly supports the proposed Neighborhood Circulator routes along College Avenue. The proposed routes will improve cyclist, pedestrian, child, and driver safety, but there has been a strong disinformation campaign suggesting otherwise. We need your help before April 30th! Please take Tempe’s online survey about the proposed route and express your support for this neighborhood improvement. The deadline for comments is soon.

City of Tempe’s website on the neighborhood circulators buses

Survey website

Facts about the proposed College Avenue route:
• Cyclists are accustomed to riding in the bicycle lanes on College Avenue. The proposed circulator route will make that experience safer.
• The Neighborhood Circulator will reduce overall automobile traffic. The existing circulator route on 5th Street in Tempe, the ‘Neighborhood Flash,’ provides 2,116 passenger trips per day, significantly reducing vehicular traffic along that route.
• Additional public transit on College will help convert College Ave from a car dominated route to a
pedestrian and bicycle friendly route. The city is also planning a variety of traffic calming measures to lower vehicle speeds and make the street safer.
• The buses, which have bike racks, make bicycle commuting more convenient.
• The buses that will be used are considerably smaller than standard city buses and are no noisier than trucks and SUVs.
• Slower traffic and alternative forms of transportation will help kids commute safely to and from schools and parks.
• Routing the circulator through the neighborhood rather than along major arterials ensures safe and convenient transportation.
• Counter to the claims made by opponents of the proposed route, THE BUSES WILL NOT DRIVE IN THE BICYCLE LANES.
• The route will not turn College Avenue into a park & ride for ASU students. ASU students receive free bus passes which encourages use of regular transit services. Neighborhoods along the existing Neighborhood Flash route have seen no evidence of college students parking on their streets.

The existing Neighborhood Flash bus route on 5th Street, which uses the same buses as the proposed College Ave route, has had overwhelmingly positive results. The bus drivers are safe and courteous to pedestrians and cyclists, and local families regularly use the route to commute to school and parks.

Fill out Tempe’s online survey, then write emails directly to the Tempe Mayor and Council Members voicing your support of the proposed College Avenue Neighborhood Circulator. Email the Mayor and the entire Council simultaneously at http://www.tempe.gov/elected/councilcommunicator.aspx.

Remember, all comments must be received by the City of Tempe by April 30th!

TBAG “Support the Circulator” flyer


The Tempe Bicycle Action Group has a new home: www.biketempe.org We’re still getting up to speed at this location so please check back soon for more.