2 Mile Challenge @ ASU Wed.

Did you know that 40% of all urban travel in the US is less than 2 miles? 2 miles is nothing; especially in a high density, flat place like Tempe where the weather is always great. Yet a huge percentage of Americans continue to use their cars for these short trips.

2 Mile Challenge

Clif Bar has launched a new campaign called the 2 Mile Challenge which aims to encourage more people to use bikes for short trips. Clif has tricked out a bus to run on biodiesel and is touring the western US to promote the 2 Mile Challenge. Inside the bus is apparently an interactive display that allows you to calculate a 2 mile radius around your house and to see stores, restaurants etc. that fall within that area – the website has the same feature.

Clif Bar is targeting college campuses for their tour, and we just found out that the 2 Mile Challenge is coming to ASU on Wed, Oct 3rd. Looks like there will be live music, free Clif Bars and demo bikes including ultra cool Xtracycles. TBAG is going to go check it out – you should too.

Brace yourselves Tempe…

Tour de Fat will be here in almost two weeks. Here’s a taste of what Tempe is in for:

Video is from Fort Collins, CO where the over 4,500 participants in the Tour de Fat bike parade set a Guinness record for the largest bike parade in the world!

October 13th – Tempe Town Lake. Don’t miss it.

Call for Tour de Fat Volunteers

Want to help out at this year’s Tempe Tour de Fat on October 13th @ Tempe Town Lake?

In addition to the good karma that comes with helping raise money for bicycle advocacy in the greater PHX metro area, you’ll have a great time pouring beer, selling TdF gear and spreading the love. Plus, you get a Tour de Fat shirt and will drink for free when you’re not volunteering. How could you pass this up?

Take a look at the info below (click “Read the rest of this entry”) and then email with the required details to:

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Trans. Secretary: Bike Paths Not Worthy of Fed. Support

Yup, that’s right – according to U.S. Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters, “bike paths and trails ‘are really not transportation.'” But wait, it gets better. Not only is riding your bike to work, school, the post office, a store, restaurant or a bar not transportation, you’re also to blame for the nation’s decaying highway infrastructure:

Imagine you’re the federal official in the Bush administration charged with overseeing the nation’s transportation infrastructure. A major bridge collapses on an interstate highway during rush hour, killing 13 people and injuring an additional 100. Whom to blame? How about the nation’s bicyclists and pedestrians!

Full story at Salon.com

This is up there with U.S. Rep. Patrick McHenry’s (R-NC) declaring that bicycles are an antiquated solution to the U.S. energy crisis. Video: YouTube

Thanks to Bedrock and Paradox for bringing the Salon article to my attention.

Scottsdale Sustainable Transportation Panel Discussion

As part of the City of Scottsdale Transportation Master Plan public involvement process, the city will be hosting an open house and panel discussion on sustainable transportation on Wednesday, September 19th. The discussion features a panel of transportation experts and looks like a great opportunity to learn about sustainable transportation in Scottsdale (and beyond) and also to provide feedback on the Scottsdale Transportation Master Plan.

Follow the link below for the full press release.
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Bicycle artist JARBAS LOPES opening Friday

The ASU Art Museum will be hosting an opening reception for new resident artist Jarbas Lopes this Friday night, September 14th, from 7-9 pm. Bicycles are central to Lopes’ residency:

Lopes’s project Cicloviaérea proposes the bicycle as an alternative for transportation, as a source of enjoyment, and as an object that balances function with aesthetic beauty.

Information about Lopes, Cicloviaérea, the opening reception and his exhibition at the gallery can be found at: http://asuartmuseum.asu.edu/jarbaslopes/

TBAG will have a table at the opening reception so please stop by and say hi. Fellow Tempe bicycle advocates the Bike Saviours Cooperative will have a bike repair workshop setup within the gallery.

Handlebar Happy Hour Recap

TBAG’s inaugural Handlebar Happy Hour was a great success!

By our count, approximately 40 bike riding folks showed up to at least one of the four stops and a significant percentage of the group made it to all four. We gave away a whole bunch of shirts and stickers so keep an eye out for your fellow TBAG supporters out there.

We anticipate making Handlebar Happy Hour a monthly or bimonthly event. If you’ve got an opinion about frequency and timing (day of the week, start time, etc.) for future Handlebar Happy Hours leave us a comment.


Thanks to everyone who came out and supported TBAG. Also thanks to Plaid, Bison Witches, Tavern On Mill, and Casey Moores for welcoming the group.