Celebrate the cool(er) evenings with a ride to First Friday art walk- this Friday!

Meet us at 6pm at the corner of 5th and Mill in Tempe for a group ride to downtown Phoenix this Friday evening. We roll out at 6:10.  The route we take is 9 miles each way. Too far for you? Join us for the ride downtown and throw your bike on the Valley Metro Red Line for the return trip.

Let us know you’re coming with a note in the comments. Hope to see you then!

Would You Trade Your Car for A Bike?

As part of Tour de Fat each year, New Belgium Brewery (the fine folks that bring you the Tour de Fat) selects a person at each Tour stop who is willing to trade their car for a bike. Now’s the time to enter Tempe!

It’s when one fortunate soul hands over their car, title and keys to the Tour de Fat altar in exchange for a bike. Not just any bike, a New Belgium, fully-loaded, hand-crafted, Fort Collins-built commuter bike and trailer. There’s 11 Tour de Fat stops – surely one near you – and that’s 11 car/bike trade opportunities. It’s about weaning yourself off the petroleum teat. It’s about not paying $4.00 for a gallon of gas. It’s about rediscovering the cultural thrill of public transportation.

You! (Maybe). By agreeing to trade your polluting car for a new bike and committing to sparkle-motion, human-powered transport on stage at Tour de Fat, you become an inspiration to the congregation and beyond. Your vehicular cleansing is filmed, as are your car-free trials and triumphs over the following year, causing thousands to idolize your efforts and begin commuting by bike (we hope).

Interested? Get the details HERE. Examples of other winning entries at the Tour de Fat blog.

Need some inspiration? Check out this video from Portland’s Tour de Fat where the 2007 and 2008 car-for-bike traders discuss why they decided to go car-free:

Upcoming Rides: Farmer’s Market and Cupcakes

Things are hopping these days! Here are two upcoming rides that I’ll be leading, so mark your calendars now. These will both be leisurely rides open to all kinds of bicyclists.

Saturday, October 4, 7 am, Tempe Beach Park
: Ride to the Downtown Phoenix Farmer’s Market.
This ride is 9 miles one way. Bring cash to buy things at the Market. We could also arrange to stop for breakfast if there’s interest (Matt’s Big Breakfast, Tammie Coe Cakes, or…).

Saturday, October 18, 10 am, Tempe Beach Park: Cupcake Ride, destination TBA
Saddle up for another cupcake expedition! Depending on interest, we can go back up to Sprinkles (9 miles) or to Lulu’s (4 miles and a local business). Let me know your destination of choice in the comments!

Call for Tour de Fat Volunteers

Want to help out at this year’s Tempe Tour de Fat on Saturday, October 11th @ Tempe Town Lake?

Happy Volunteer

The proceeds from Tour de Fat go to four local bicycle groups — Tempe Bicycle Action Group, Mountain Bike Association of Arizona , the Tempe-based Bicycle Saviours, and the Central Arizona Mountain Bike Patrol.

In addition to the good karma that comes with helping raise money for bicycle advocacy in the greater PHX metro area, you’ll have a great time pouring beer, selling TdF gear and spreading the love. Plus, you get a Tour de Fat shirt and two free beer tokens for enjoying when you are not volunteering. How could you pass this up?

Look at the info below (click “Read the rest of this entry”) and then email the required details to: volunteer@biketempe.org

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Tour de Fat – October 11th!

2008 Tempe TdF Poster Ok folks, it is that time of year again – time for Tempe’s biggest bicycle party: Tour de Fat.

The Tour will be rolling through Tempe on October 11th to “spread the good word about the positive societal offerings of the bicycle” and to raise money for local bicycle advocacy groups. Read more about the Tour de Fat.

Our events page has been updated with all the details on this year’s event, so please check it out and plan to be at Tempe Town Lake on Saturday, October 11th for a day of bikes, beer and excellent entertainment.

New Belgium has a Tour de Fat specific site with blog posts, event info and photos from other TdF’s this year.

We need volunteers to make this event happen! More information on how to help make Tour de Fat a success will be available shortly.

See you on October 11th!

Another upcoming event (Friday): Hot Fresh Bike Touring

Here’s another neat event this Friday, September 19 (which is also International Talk Like a Pirate Day). Contact ryanguzy@gmail.com to let him know if you’re interested in going.

Everyone ready for some Friday night bike touring? Here’s the plan:

Meet up at Bike Saviours/Casa de Lobo at 5:30pm on Friday. Leave at 6pm and ride out Rio/8th St. to Country Club, up 87, through Fountain Hills, and out to McDowell Mountain Park. It’s 32 miles one way and 1300ft total elevation gain. We should get there around 8:30 or 9pm. Make sure you have good lights (and bring spare tubes and tools as always!).

Eat dinner before you come down to the co-op, but bring picnic foods for when we get to the campsite, bread, fruit, crackers, hummus, cheese, wine etc. Also bring something for breakfast. We’ll get up with the sun and probably leave by 8 or 9, it’s mostly downhill on the way back so it will probably only take a couple hours.

Camping at McDowell Mountain Park is really made for RVs but they do allow tents. I talked to someone at the park and they said there isn’t necessarily a limit on how many people can camp at a site. She just said they didn’t want 6 tents and a bunch of cars at the site, I told her we’d have no cars and we probably wouldn’t put up very many tents if at all. They say it isn’t ever full this time of year so as long as we pay the $20 fee for the site we shouldn’t have any trouble.

I (Ryan) think it would be cool to do a series of local Friday night to Saturday morning bike tours in the next few months, we can ride to Usery and Lost Dutchman, and Ben also suggested Four Peaks. If we had planned it for last weekend we could have done it by moonlight, maybe we’ll try that next month. I’ll send out another notice when we’re planning the next one.

Two upcoming events: Bicycle for a Day and ride to Okkervil River show

The weather has cooled down, but the events are heating up! Here are two upcoming events that should be fun:

Ride to Okkervil River Show: Thursday, September 25, 7 pm, Tempe Beach Park
Jeremy will be organizing a group to ride over to the show–see the flyer here: Okkervil River Flyer

Bicycle for a Day
: Saturday, September 20, 10 am, Tempe Beach Park

This is an event in solidarity with an event in Manhattan–Tom will be heading up a local event for those of us in Tempe. Read below the jump for details.

The scoop:
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Reminder: Cupcake Ride Tomorrow (Saturday)!

Join us for two rewards in one event: a pleasant and leisurely ride from Tempe Beach Park to Sprinkles in Scottsdale. We’ll meet up at 10 am at the entrance to the park (northwest corner of Rio Salado and Mill), and will ride 8.5 miles up the greenbelt.

Riders of all sorts are welcome to come along, and we hope to keep these rides going in the upcoming months, although we will probably switch back to Lulu’s Cupcakes in the future.

“Greenbelt” refers to the Indian Bend Wash

Free class at REI: Into to Bike Commuting

REI is offering a free clinic on bike commuting this week. For those of you who are interested in learning how to bike commute safely and comfortably in our car-centric community, this promises to be a good introduction. See the information below, pulled from REI Tempe’s event calendar:

9/10/2008 6:30 PM

High gas prices, pollution alerts, long hours in long lines of vehicles going nowhere fast, concern for our children?s air and climate?consider bike commuting! One of our long-time bike commuters will help your decision by covering some of the topics that should enter your considerations when you turn recreation into basic transportation: bikes, lighting, riding in traffic, route planning, clothing, gear accessories, and more.

  • Location:REI Tempe
  • Contact:Customer Service: 480-967-5494
  • Cost: Free
  • Registration Required? No.

No First Fridays Ride Today

Hi all,

Unfortunately, there will not be a First Fridays ride this evening. If anyone had hoped to go, you are more than welcome to use the Comments section to self-organize a ride! Stay tuned, though, for an e-mail announcement for upcoming events, including:

Saturday, September 13: Cupcake Ride to Sprinkles in Scottsdale, 10 am
Saturday, October 11: Tour de Fat, Tempe Beach Park
Sunday, November 3 (tentative): Membership Meeting