Bike Saviours Maintenance Class Starts June 1

Bike Saviours is starting advanced bike maintenance classes on Monday June 1st. Classes will be every Monday night from 7-9pm. There will be eight classes, each covering a different area of the bike.

This class is for people who want to volunteer in our shop or just want to learn what it takes to maintain their own bike. We require that all volunteers attend this class before they can help people in the shop, but taking it does not mean that you must volunteer. However, volunteering is the best way to gain experience and exposure to different bikes and different ways things are implemented.

The goal is to teach how to teach. We want to show the why behind each system rather than simply giving a step-by-step procedure that may be forgotten. There are many ways to adjust or maintain a bike, and there are lots of good shortcuts that experienced mechanics use. However, for this class the methods are designed so that someone with little experience can get the adjustment done properly without relying on experience they may not have. For example, we want to show that all open bearings have the same essential parts and that they are adjusted the same regardless of function.

The class is divided up into seven sections with an optional eighth section. These sections are:

1. Choosing a bike
2. Headsets
3. Bottom Brackets
4. Hub Bearings and Gears
5. Brakes and Cables
6. Derailleurs
7. Wheel Truing
8. Extra Topics, Review, Style Guide, and Wrap-up

To sign up or for more info contact me at:

Please pass this on to anyone else you know who may be interested.