TBAG Annual Meeting Recap

At the TBAG annual meeting on Nov 7th we kicked off the planning for 2011, formed the member committees, and elected the board.

Now that we have a vision of what we want to accomplish in 2011, we need more people to help with the detailed planning for these committees and work on them throughout the year. Below you’ll find a list of the committees and who is heading them up, please email the project leaders if you can help:

AdvocacyAaron Golub and Ryan Cook – Work with the City of Tempe, CIty of Phoenix and State of Arizona governments to advocate for bicycle facilities, bicycle related policy, and other governmental issues related to bicyclists.

Events and Rider FacilitationRyan Guzy and Joe Perez – Set the dates and budget for each event and then plan and staff each event. We will also work on rider facilitation this year such as a bike rack program and the bike friendly business program.

Social RidesJeremy Deatherage – Fun rides including the monthly Third Friday Ride. Plan these rides, their destinations, and get the word out.

Adult EducationTom Tomczyk, Marcus Wirthgen and Ashley Lanoue (ASU Liaison) – Educate cyclists on safe and effective cycling, get more people certified as cycling instructors, work with ASU on cyclist education and awareness programs.

Bike CountSam Bollinger – Count cyclists at key points in Tempe, and eventually, around the valley. This will be the key to many of our advocacy efforts in the coming years. We need these hard numbers when we are working with Government and other organizations to show them the impact cycling has in our community.

Youth Programs – Leader needed! – Work with local schools and youth groups to teach safe cycling to the youth. We have partnerships in place to work on these programs. We need someone to champion this committee. Please contact sam@biketempe.org if you can help.

Fundraising and Grants – Andrew Hamilton and Eric Iverson – Work on grant applications and contacting organizations and foundations to increase fundraising sources. Plan more yearly fundraising events.

Board Election

Three new board members were also elected to the TBAG board. They are: Ashley Lanoue, Andrew Hamilton, and Ryan Cook. Congratulations guys!

Keep an eye on this blog over the next few weeks and join a committee meeting or two. We’ll be working on the detailed planning for 2011 and we’ll use the blog to keep you up to date.