Advocacy Meeting – Monday 7pm – Boulders on Broadway

Monday, April 25th, at 7pm at Boulders on Broadway, in the room downstairs on the left. Hosted by the TBAG Advocacy Director, Aaron Golub. We will have an update on current projects and work on the strategy for future ones.

Please come to see how you can help personally make a difference in advocacy in Tempe and surrounding areas. We need people to attend city and regional meetings, help move existing projects forward, keep an eye on current and proposed projects, and work on grassroots advocacy that we can do right now.

We will also set a regularly recurring meeting time so everyone knows when to expect future meetings.

SanTan Wheelie Jam – Saturday 4/23

Saturday April 23rd – Steele Indian School Park in Downtown Phoenix. TBAG is sponsoring a new bike and beer festival to benefit our non-profit partners in Phoenix. Come down and have a beer to support local bike advocacy, and bring all of your friends too!


On the main Facebook event:

Ride from Tempe to the event with State Bicycle Co:

Ride in the bike parade:

Enter you custom Cruiser, Chopper, Lowrider or Freak Bike in the bike show:

Getting there:

There are a couple good bike routes from Tempe to Steele Indian School Park:

Along the Grand Canal:

Washington and 5th/4th/3rd:

If you take the lightrail, get off at the Indian School stop and go north on Central. The park entrance will be on your right. Cross through the park towards the northeast to find the event.

Lightrail from Tempe:

ADOT 25 Year Plan Survey – Deadline Friday

The deadline for the ADOT 25 year plan survey is this Friday. ADOT’s long range transportation planning process is called What Moves You Arizona, which looks ahead 25 years to determine and prioritize how limited funds should be used throughout the state. These strategies could involve a greater focus on preserving current infrastructure, modernizing and expanding highways, public-private partnerships, and non-highway improvements like those for transit. Visit or go directly to the survey:

Bike to Work Day – Wed April 20th

This Wednesday April 20th is Bike to Work Day in Tempe and the Phoenix metro area. Ride your bike to any of 7 locations around Tempe for a free breakfast and a t-shirt! TBAG is also leading group rides from each location to the Center Bistro in the Brickyard. Check Tempe’s page for the list of locations:

And if you live or work in another part of the valley, you can see the full list of bike to work day events on Valley Metro’s website:

April TBAG Newsletter



Introduction by Ashley “Chain Whip” Lanoue

What a whopper of a month for TBAG and all you great people! Start filling up your calendars with all the fun Bike Month events! Tell your friends, your friends friends, and your friends friends friends about the “Call to artists” for bike culture related art in the Mitchell Park area! Get in on some advoacy action with several on-going projects!

Upcoming Events and Rides by Ryan “Tire Lever” Guzy and Jeremy “Multi-tool” Deatherage.
Calendar of upcoming events, and special notes about weekly rides in Tempe

SanTan Wheelie Jam – Saturday April 23rd – Steele Indian School Park in Downtown Phoenix TBAG is sponsoring a new bike and beer festival to benefit our non-profit partners in Phoenix. Come down and have a beer to support local bike advocacy, and bring all of your friends too! If you would like to volunteer to help run this event, please sign up here:

RSVP on the main Facebook event:

Ride from Tempe to the event with State Bicycle Co:

Ride in the bike parade:

Enter you custom Cruiser, Chopper, Lowrider or Freak Bike in the bike show:

More Bike Month Activities-:To help TBAG at any of the following events, please signup here:

The Great Bike Chase – Sunday April 17th – Chase Field Ride your bike to the ballpark to watch the game. Valley Metro has discounted tickets and a bike expo outside the ballpark. TBAG is providing staffed bike parking at the event. Rides to the event start valley wide, click on the group rides button here:

Bike to Work Day – Wednesday April 20th – Tempe and other valley cities Ride your bike to work, this day and every day! The City of Tempe and local businesses will be providing free breakfast and t-shirts at 7 locations around Tempe. TBAG volunteers will be at each location to talk to people about bike advocacy, and will lead rides from each location to the Center Bistro near City Hall. See for the list of locations. Gilbert, Glendale, Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale are also participating in Bike to Work Day Check out: for more details.

TBAG Third Fridays presents The WRITE-OFF Ride, Friday, April 15. It’s Tax Day, USA. Get to the bank early and cash that check – this Friday we RIDE. Meet up at the entrance to Tempe Beach Park, Rio Salado and Mill in Tempe at 7:30pm and we’ll roll out to destinations around Tempe and So Scottsdale. RSVP on Facebook and be sure to invite your friends.

Advocacy Updates by Aaron “Spoke Wrench” Golub.
Updates on local, regional, and federal advocacy topics

There are several on-going advocacy projects, such the work on the Alameda St. bike/ped bridge and the recent bike count. TBAG is represented on several transportation planning committees – do let us know if you want to help out and represent TBAG. For more details, see our recent blog post at: If you have other ideas about what TBAG should be working on – please email us or come to the upcoming advocacy meeting on Monday, April 25th, at 7pm at Boulders on Broadway.

Bike Culture by Eric “Headset Wrench” Iwersen
Sharing the love of bicycles

Bicycle Public Art:   TBAG is seeking to commission an artist (or artists team) to work with to create a permanent public art piece in Tempe, in the Mitchell Park Neighborhoods area.  The project commission is for $15K and is inclusive of all design and fabrication costs associated with the project.   TBAG, the neighborhoods, and the City of Tempe will work with the artist to see the project through to construction.  The intention of the project is to create a local landmark that supports bicycle culture in Tempe.  Artists of all skill levels are encouraged to apply.  Check out for more information.

Youth Education by Sam “Pin Spanner” Bollinger
Information on upcoming classes and online resources

TBAG is teaming-up with friends, some new & some old. WeCycle USA ( & the Rusty Spoke will help run the kids activities at the San Tan Wheelie Jam on 4/23. Features: Helmet & bike decorating, bike games & an Easter Egg Hunt.

Get Involved by Sam “Pin Spanner ” Bollinger.
Volunteer for upcoming events and join our planning committees

Tempe Bike Count: Initial results from the first Tempe Bike Count will be released on 4/20 @ Bike to School & Work We’ll also post them on our blog

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Thank You from the TBAG Board!

TBAG Third Fridays – The WRITE-OFF Ride 4/15

It’s Tax Day, USA. Get to the bank early and cash that check – this Friday we RIDE.

Meet up at the entrance to Tempe Beach Park, Rio Salado and Mill in Tempe at 7:30pm and we’ll roll out at 7:45.

Destinations will be around Tempe and So Scottsdale. Keep your eyes on the Facebook event page for updates the day of and throughout the ride of the various stops.

– – – –

TBAG Third Fridays is a social ride held, of course, on the third Friday of the month. These twilight Rides include the occasional Movie nights, Holiday themed cruises, costumed Rides, and more.

Lights – Tempe law requires a front headlight and rear reflector when riding after dark.

Locks – bring your own or risk walking home.

Free? Yes, free.

RSVP? No need to call ahead, just show up at the start.

April 2011 Advocacy Update

Advocacy Update from Aaron Golub, TBAG Advocacy Director:

1. Communication with ADOT regarding Alameda bike bridge and 202 underpass.

We did hear back about our letters to ADOT, and we met with an ADOT representative at the CAzB meeting in January. The bridge is in their plans for the freeway expansion, but there is a debate about the source of the funds for the bridge and underpass. Hopefully, we can assist the City of Tempe in working with ADOT to come up with a solution.

2. Tempe Streetcar. Several members of the Tempe multi-modal (bike/ped) committee have been attending the streetcar meetings, and vice-versa – members of the bike/ped committee have been getting reports from the Tempe Streetcar team. We are being vigilant about bike access, impacts on existing bike lanes, and bike/ped safety as the project is being planned. They are still in early stages, so detailed designs are yet to be produced, but we are keeping our eye on everything. If you want to lend a hand with this – we need more folks concerned about cyclists and pedestrians at these planning meetings. Here is the official project website with upcoming meeting dates:

3. Bike count. TBAG volunteers and friends and about 30 ASU students did tremendous job on the bike count. Over 75 volunteers counted bikes over two shifts at 50 intersections. Look for upcoming updates on the TBAG website concerning data analysis and other results from the count.

4. Regional meetings: We still have not secured a regular TBAG rep for the monthly MAG bike/ped meeting. I have been attending the Livable Cities Coalition meetings (we are official members of the coalition) and the coalition is giving two workshops at the annual AZ state public transit conference next week in Mesa. We need help with representing TBAG at regional meetings – let us know if you are interested in helping – it just takes a few hours per month.

5. City of Tempe ‘3-Foot Rule’ Public Information Campaign. TBAG members spoke in support of the ‘3-foot Safe Passing rule’ campaign being proposed by City of Tempe staff to bring attention to cyclist safety. Hopefully, this can broaden awareness about safe passing among drivers. We also hope it can improve awareness among law enforcement that endangerment of cyclists by drivers is a crime and should be punished. Look for this campaign to start this summer and during ASU back-to-school.

Do you have any advocacy ideas you’d like to pursue? Let’s discuss them over beer! Our next advocacy meeting is Monday, April 25th at 7pm at Boulders on Broadway. We hope to see you there!!

Tempe Bike Count Shifts Gear

Bikes Count! – Count Sheets are rolling in from all over the city. Please remember to turn-in your count sheets at the Bicycle Cellar by 5pm on Sun 4/3.
Now, the Tempe Bike Count shifts gear. It’s time to enter the cout data collected and start cruching some numbers. Thanks again to our 75+ awesome count volunteers for all their great work & enthusiasm.
Help the Bike Count in Your PJs: Data Entry Help Welcome!
TBAG saves all count data in Google docs (the cloud). So, once we’ve shown you the process, you can log-on and help enter count data from home whenever you like. The Initial Tempe Bike Count Report will be released on 4/20 at Bike to Work & School Day in Tempe. We’ve got a lot of work to do between now & then.

Help TBAG improve the Bike Count. Please fill out this brief survey. Let us know what worked and what we need to fix for the next count.
Sick of google forms & surveys? You can also contact us directly.
Contact: or (602)316-6536

Bike Saviours – REI Used Bike Drive – Saturday 4/2

Saturday April 2nd, Recycle that old bike! Volunteers from Bike Saviours, Rusty Spoke, and Tempe Bicycle Action Group will be accepting donations of used bikes and bike parts. Anyone who donates will receive a thank-you gift courtesy of REI. Volunteers will be collecting donations at both Valley REI locations: 1405 West Southern Avenue, Tempe or 12634 N Paradise Village Pkwy, Phoenix from 9am to 4pm on Saturday.

Late breaking news: Valley Metro has supplied Valley Bike Month t-shirts to give away to people who donate bikes. Supplies are limited so bring your donation down early!