Advocacy Committee

We’re having our Annual Meeting on Nov 20th @ 7pm at Boulders on Broadway. This week we’re doing a series of blog posts about each committee, their goals, and what you can do to help.

TBAG Advocacy Committee

The advocacy committee has on-going presence on relevant transportation planning committees including the City of Tempe’s multi-modal subcommittee and the Maricopa Association of Governments bicycle and pedestrian policy committee. TBAG is an active member of the valley-wide Livable Communities Coalition, and regularly attends other meetings relating to region-wide planning processes, such as the Discovery Triangle. (

Committee Chair:
Aaron Golub (

2011 Accomplishments:
– Attended monthly City of Tempe Multi-modal subcommittee meetings
– Attended monthly Maricopa Association of Governments bicycle and pedestrian policy committee
– Attended monthly Livable Communities Coalition meetings
– Assisted with the implementation and execution of the City of Tempe Bike Count
– Co-authored final City of Tempe Bike Count analysis and report
– Co-authored language for “Safe Driving and Bicycling in Tempe” flyer mailed to all City of Tempe households in monthly water bill
– Met with ASU College of Design to plan a Spring 2012 studio class which will develop bike safety campaign

2012 Goals:
– Complete bike safety campaign with College of Design
– Assist with 2012 City of Tempe Bike Count
– Attend monthly City of Tempe Transportation Commission Meetings
– Attend monthly Maricopa Association of Governments bicycle and pedestrian policy committee
– Attend monthly Livable Communities Coalition meetings

Help Wanted:
1. We need more folks to help attend planning meetings and add to our voice in the region
2. We need ideas for safety campaigns and help with getting them realized.
3. We need help with executing the 2012 bike count.
4. We need help with performing analysis of 2012 bike count data
5. We need help with the Spring 2012 Design Studio class to develop safety campaign

Social Rides Committee

We’re having our Annual Meeting on Nov 20th @ 7pm at Boulders on Broadway. This week we’re doing a series of blog posts about each committee, their goals, and what you can do to help.

TBAG Social Rides Committee
The Valley’s almost-unlimited sunshine, smooth roads and fair evenings produce so many opportunities to get out together and enjoy cycling with friends. TBAG hosts a Third Friday group ride held rain-or-shine on the 3rd Friday of every month. Past rides have included costumed themes, the annual Tweed Ride, moustache ride, trips to the drive-in movies, and often stopping local eateries for food and beer. Riding responsibly is of the highest concern to us, we want folks to have fun and be safe so they can join us on future rides. Just for fun, held at night, open to anyone that wants to meet new people and ride bikes. For information visit

Committee Chair:
Jeremy Deatherage (

2011 Accomplishments
Among some of the fine and, occasionally, awkward moments we shared last year, a few that stand out are the Tweed Ride and the Winter Games.

The TWEED Ride
TBAG’s annual tweed ride has been hosted for two consecutive years on the Third Friday of February. Last year’s event drew over sixty damsels and gentlemen dressed in the height of Edwardian fashion. Certainly, a smashing time for all, look for this to be a permanent annual event on the TBAG schedule.

TBAG + Bike Saviours Holiday BBQ & Winter Games
Partly to celebrate our friends Bike Saviours’ anniversary and partly as a reward to our members and hard-working volunteers, the Holiday BBQ is an end of the year social gathering open to Tempe area cyclists. The Winter Games challenges strong hearted participants to derby races on children’s bikes, the popular Huffy toss, and the crowd-pleasing Tall Bike Joust competition.

2012 Goals:
This year, we’ll be bigger and better. TBAG wants more riders to come out and we need your help to make it work.

TBAG Winter Games on Jan. 28, 2012 – We’ll have a December meeting, where we’ll assign responsibilities to key volunteers.

Followed closely by:
Tweed Ride on Friday, Feb. 17, 2012 – We’ll begin in early January by creating a Web presence and getting the word out to press contacts, creating fliers and materials, and more.

Other planning for future rides will include the Moustache Ride, Zombie Ride, and Holiday wrap-ups.

Help Wanted:
We’re looking for outgoing and creative people that want to become part of the Social Rides committee to help plan out events, routes, destinations. You must have a taste for the social life and adventure.

First, we need someone who can talk to local businesses owners about including them in our rides schedule and maybe get a donation of a prize or two.

And also very important, we need volunteers that can create marketing material. You know, posters, fliers, web flashers, that grab attention and help get the word out about ride events.

So, we hope when you come out for the Annual Volunteer Meeting this Sunday, Nov. 20 that you’ll become part of our group and grow it even more.

Youth Programs Committee

We’re having our Annual Meeting on Nov 20th @ 7pm at Boulders on Broadway. This week we’re doing a series of blog posts about each committee, their goals, and what you can do to help.

Tempe Bicycle Action Group Youth Programs Committee

The TBAG youth committee is dedicated to providing cycling education and safety programs to youth.

Committee Chair: Robert Chacon (

2011 Accomplishments:
– Hosted San Tan Wheelie Jam (kid’s area) provided crafts, games and activities for dozens of kids also providing helmets sizing and gave away free helmets to 60 kids during the event in central Phoenix.
– Chandler Summer Splash kid’s bike area providing cycling educational info for kids and parents, arts and crafts for dozens of kids. We also provided Helmet sizing and free helmets for 30 kids.
– Safe Routes to School 2 day seminar on SRTS grant programs where we learned about the program and what’s being done to further cycling programs for kids – formed new committee, applied for $1000 mini grant for bike racks for Scales Elementary.
– ASU Art Museum Family Fun Day set up a table and talked with kids and their parents about bicycle safety also gave out information and treats for the kids.
– Central Park Neighborhood Center grand re-opening celebration. Sponsored a Bike Rodeo and bicycle repair clinic for kids at Central Park in south Phoenix. Providing a Bike rodeo with a full range of bike safety drills and activities for kids. Hosted a bike clinic and fixed approximately 20 bikes and instructed over 30 kids in bike safety.
– Sponsored a monthly bike clinic for the kids at Central park in south Phoenix. Clinic is held on the 3rd Friday of every month from 4:30 to 6:30 providing bike repair training for 20 to 30 kids each month.
– Hosted a kid’s area at this year’s Tour De Fat providing a (Kids Fun Zone) at the event. This area provided the kids with environmentally friendly and bicycle related activities. We also hosted a bike rodeo to teach bicycle safety.
– Provided setup assistance and bike Marshals for the Tour De Tempe.

Goals for 2012:
– Support the youth area programs at the 2 main TBAG fundraising events Tour de Fat and San Tan Wheelie Jam.
– Attend events in the community to promote bicycle safety for kids and adults.
– Sponsor and host Bike clinics for at risk youth throughout the valley.
– Support and host Bike Rodeos in cooperation with schools and other organizations.

Help Wanted:
As the new youth coordinator for Tempe Bicycle Action Group I need your help. We plan on working with kids throughout the valley promoting bicycle safety, good cycling habits and just having a good time on bikes. If you like working with kids and having fun please contact us and volunteer for our youth programs we welcome all skill levels and appreciate any help we can get.

November 2011 TBAG Newsletter



November 17, 2011
Introduction by Ashley “Roadrash” Lanoue

Come join us for our Annual Meeting on Nov 20th @ 7pm at Boulders on Broadway Read up on who TBAG is and what we do before you attend the meeting. Check out: . Make sure you join us for the Fall Harvest ride this Friday! Hope to see your smiling faces this November.

  Upcoming Events and Rides by Ryan “Raspberry” Guzy
Calendar of upcoming events, and special notes about weekly rides in Tempe

Saturday Nov 19th @3pm. The SanTan Brewing Company Brews Cruise is coming to Tempe. $20 gets you 4 beers at 4 bars, including Boulders, and food at the start at Mellow Mushroom. It’s a short, easy, cruiser ride around Tempe, good for all ability levels. RSVP on Facebook: then check out more details and buy tickets here:

Tour de Fat Summary: The Tempe Tour de Fat raised $64,500 for local cycling non-profits, which is over $5000 more than last year. This event just keeps getting bigger and better every year. And this year, part of the money is going into a grant fund so that we can directly benefit seven local non-profit groups instead of just three.

Third Friday Ride: Join us for the Fall Harvest ride this Friday the 18th, a wistful evening, pedaling hither and thither in search of the superior seasonal. Be at ye ol’ Tempe Beach Park entrance about 7:30. Bring your lights and locks, you’ll need ‘em.

Advocacy Updates by Ryan “Raspberry” Guzy
Updates on local, regional, and federal advocacy topics

Cyclists rights to the road are under attack. Check out this link for more information

Bike Culture by Ashley “Roadrash” Lanoue
Sharing the love of bicycles

Worlds fastest human???

What will people think of next???


Adult Education by Ashley “Roadrash” Lanoue

Information on upcoming classes and online resources

Want to get involved with adult education? It is going to be a big year for adult ed. check it out!

Get Involved by All Board “Fractured Hip” Members
Volunteer for upcoming events and join our planning committees

Want to get involved? We need your help! Come to our annual meeting on Nov 20th to see what TBAG does and where you can help. During the meeting we’ll be discussing 6 different areas: Advocacy, Education, Social Rides, Youth Programs, Events, and Projects. We’ll introduce each area and then break up into groups for discussion and planning. By the end of the meeting we’d like to have a plan of what TBAG will be working on in the coming year, who will be working on it, and an idea of how we’ll accomplish these goals. Here’s what we need you to do between now and then: Look at the different areas and think about what you’d like to see in each. Think about local problems and how you’d solve them. Think about projects and initiatives that you could help out with. Bring these ideas to the meeting. Also get the word out, if you know people that would be interested but haven’t been involved with TBAG before, let them know so they can contribute. This is your opportunity to make a difference for cycling in Tempe. Date and Time: Sunday Nov 20th @ 7pm Location: Boulders on Broadway(upstairs) Who: Open to everyone, bring your ideas and get involved! Facebook users can RSVP at:


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Public Art and Special Projects Committee

We’re having our Annual Meeting on Nov 20th @ 7pm at Boulders on Broadway. This week we’re doing a series of blog posts about each committee, their goals, and what you can do to help.

TBAG Public Art Committee

Description: The TBAG Public Art Committee is dedicated to creating public art in the community that is reflective of the bicycle and it’s important role in placemaking in Tempe and the region. The committee is pursuing large scale public art construction and smaller art opportunities to express the bicycle as integrated with local culture. The committee works with TBAG, city arts programs, galleries and local media to promote the bicycle through the arts.

Committee Chair: Eric Iwersen (;

2011 Accomplishments:
· Secured $15K in TBAG funds to pursue construction of a bicycle art sculpture in Tempe.

· Established a committee made up of Tempe neighbors, a public artist and three TBAG board members to guide a process for development of the artwork.

· Established a relationship with a downtown Tempe neighborhood to pursue installation of a public art piece.

· Released a Call to Artists / Request For Qualifications to develop a short list of artists for commissioning.

· Convened the committee to select artist finalists.

· Commissioned honorariums for three finalists to develop bicycle related public art sculptures.

· Conducted a walk-through and dialogue with the artist finalists of possible project sites and the importance of bicycle culture.

· Developed short list of two artist finalist with refined concepts for selection of one winner/commission recipient.

2012 Goals:

Public Art Project
· Final selection of a public artist for sculpture creation.

· Public outreach, TBAG coordination of the public art concept.

· Development of construction documents for art.

· Construction of art.

· Promotion and dedication ceremony.

Other Art Efforts
· Coordinate with other neighborhoods to develop bicycle public art projects

· Fundraise and solicit in-kind contributions for art (engineering services, bicycle parts/materials for projects etc…)

· Coordinate with a local gallery to curate a bicycle art show, with local artists, as part of Tempe’s Final Fridays or Phoenix First Fridays.

· Collaborate with Phoenix New Times, Java Magazine, and others to promote, advertise, inform the public of bicycle culture.

· Develop a bicycle sticker art competition and collection.

Help Wanted:

· Volunteers to help gather materials for final public art sculpture needs.

· Engineering contacts for construction documents for public art.

· Gallery owners, contacts for a future bike art show.

· Events coordinators to help organize the dedication for the public art when completed.

· Volunteer to organize and develop a bicycle sticker art program.

Events Committee

We’re having our Annual Meeting on Nov 20th @ 7pm at Boulders on Broadway. This week we’re doing a series of blog posts about each committee, their goals, and what you can do to help.

TBAG Events Committee

The TBAG Events Committee produces and promotes public activities throughout the year that encourage bicycling. Events reach audiences from as small as four to as large as 10,000 people. Events committee needs people to make events happen: Production, Promotion, Management, Logistics, Set-up, Operation and Teardown.

Committee Chairs: Ryan Guzy ( and Joe Perez (

2011 Accomplishments:
Sponsored lunch for Phoenix Bike Summit – March
Bike Valet at Tempe Beer Fest – March
Bike to Work Day in Tempe and Phoenix – April
SanTan Wheelie Jam. Organized, funded, and ran this first year event – April
Bike to Baseball bike valet – April
Summer solstice swimsuit ride – July
Bike Valet at the Tempe Octoberfest – Oct
Tour de Fat Week Events. Rides, raffles, promotions – Oct
Tour de Fat. Planning, logistics, volunteer coordination, management – Oct
Tour de Tempe. setup, ride leaders, and teardown – Oct
Film Screening. With My Own Two Wheels, Contested Streets – Nov

2012 Goals:

1. Create a PR and social media team to promote our events and events organized by our partners. Completion Date: Dec 31st 2011
2. For big events – create teams to focus on managing an area over multiple events. Completion Date: Dec 31st 2011
3. Improve SanTan Wheelie Jam. This is our opportunity to involve local sponsors and to work with more non-profit groups. This will get bigger and better every year. Completion Date: April 2012
4. Continue building on the success of Tour de Fat. Increase pre-show and especially week-of events and rides. Continue working with the local Rangers on these activities and PR.
5. Add small and fun events, raffles, rides, movies, etc. Dec 31st 2011

Help Wanted:

Event Planners
This team will work on choosing dates, securing locations, working on permits, and coordinating with sponsors and other organizations.

PR and Social Media
All events need PR and social media presence. Events don’t happen unless people are invited and feel welcome. TBAG doesn’t have a large advertising budget so creativity is key. If you have put on an event for another organization, you’re ready to put on an event for TBAG or help us put on one of the larger events like SanTan Wheelie Jam or Tour de Fat.

Volunteer Coordinators
The success of an event is directly related to volunteer efforts. Each event requires a dedicated person who wants to see TBAG succeed and host a great event. Some events can be run by one person and other events require 350 or more volunteers.

Event Managers
All events need managers at the event to be in charge of the volunteer teams and to make sure their areas are run effectively. This person will be a good leader and good at organizing people.

Event Staff
This team will coordinate moving equipment, running setup and teardown, and work with vendors and managers at the event.

TBAG Third Fridays presents the fall Harvest Ride

For once, the “cold November rain” actually holds a meaning in the Valley of the Sun. It’s been a great start to the fall with a little cooler weather and — we just about can’t believe it — a couple of good days of rain. Despite that, we cyclists still find it really enjoyable to get out and ride in it, because we’ve earned it after a super long, hot summer.

With the turning of the leaves also comes a little experimentation from brewers as they take the best of the season’s bounty and turn it into delicious beer. Pumpkin, pomegranate, cinnamon & cloves are some of the things that go into harvest ales.

Join the TBAG gang on a wistful evening, pedaling hither and thither in search of the superior seasonal. Be at ye ol’ Tempe Beach Park entrance about 7:30 on Friday, November 18th. Bring your lights and locks, you’ll need ’em.

If you’re on facebook, RSVP here.

Adult Education Committee

We’re having our Annual Meeting on Nov 20th @ 7pm at Boulders on Broadway. This week we’re doing a series of blog posts about each committee, their goals, and what you can do to help.

TBAG Adult Education Committee

Description: The TBAG Adult Education Committee is dedicated to provide bicycling education to the community of Tempe, Arizona and neighboring communities.

Committee Chair: Ashley Lanoue (

2011 Accomplishments:
4 board members became League of American Bicyclist LCI certified instructors. Grant to two individuals for LAB certified instructor training.

2012 Goals:
1. Retain a minimum of four (4) League of American Bicyclist LCI certified instructors – Completion date: N/A

2. Provide Traffic Skills 101 classes at least every other month (summer months may be excluded):
-Create Traffic Skills 101 power point and class structure – Completion date: March 2012
-Find venues for Traffic Skills 101 classes – Completion date: April 2012
-Create a Traffic Skills 101 schedule – Completion date: April 2012
-Contact Arizona State Cycling Community for advertising/promotion partnership – Completion date: April 2012

3. Partner with Arizona State Cycling Community to provide adult education through events and information outside of Traffic Skills 101.  – Completion date: February 2012

4. Partner with City of Tempe to provide TS101 classes to employees that bike commute – Completion date: 2013-2014

5. Provide other League of American Bicyclist classes – Completion date: 2014

Help Wanted (Approx. 10 people needed):
League of American Bicyclist LCI certified Instructor: Individuals certified by LAB will be able to teach Traffic Skills 101 to cyclists in the community. Duties include, but not limited to: Organizing, promoting, scheduling, and executing Traffic Skills 101 classes.

Instructor Assistant: Individuals will be able to assist LAB LCI certified instructors before, during and after Traffic Skills 101 classes. Duties will be determined by a LAB LCI certified instructor on an as needed basis.

Arizona State Cycling Community Liaison: Individual (s) duties include, but not limited to: Organizing, promoting, scheduling, and executing events and meetings with ASCC.