Bike Valet at the Great Arizona Beer Fest – Sat March 3rd

Ride your bike to the Great Arizona Beer Festival this Saturday March 3rd, and TBAG volunteers will park it for you for free!

It works just like any valet, you give us your bike and we give you a claim ticket matched with one we place on your bike. We then park your bike in a secure area monitored by our volunteers. When you’re done at the festival, bring us your ticket and we’ll retrieve your bike.

The bike valet will be set up at the main entrance to Tempe Beach Park at Mill and Rio Salado.

The great Arizona Beer Festival benefits Sun Sounds of Arizona. Check out the info on the beer fest here:

Tempe Election 2012 – Candidates Q&A

As the largest cycling organization in Tempe, and one of the largest in the Valley, the TBAG board and membership are extremely interested in the upcoming Tempe mayoral and city council election. To help inform the voters of Tempe, we are sending out a list of questions to each candidate regarding their position on bicycle related policy, goals, and ideals.

Each candidate who responds will have their responses posted on this website and our social media outlets. Our goal is to get responses from each candidate before the primary election ends on March 13th.

TBAG has always maintained a good working relationship with the city council and Mayor Hallman. TBAG is looking forward to working with the new mayor and council members to promote a bicycle friendly environment.

Watch this website and our Facebook page to see the responses as we receive them.

Responses (check back for updates):

1. Council Candidate Kolby Granville:

2. Council Candidate Dick Foreman:

3. Council Candidate GC Saarup:

4. Mayoral Candidate Linda Spears:

5. Mayoral Candidate Mark Mitchell:

6. Council Candidate Joel Navarro:

7. Council Candidate Corey Woods:

8. Council Candidate Angie Taylor Thornton:


Not Yet Responded:

Mayoral Candidate Michael Monti




The following questions were sent to each candidate for Tempe Mayor and City Council:

Tempe Bicycle Action Group is a nonprofit organization that reaches thousands of participants annually with events and safety programs which aim to make bicycling a prominent, safe and convenient form of transportation and recreation in Tempe.

To help inform the voters of Tempe during the upcoming election, we have attached questions to the bottom of this message regarding your position on bicycle related policy, goals, and ideals.
Your responses will be read by hundreds of local residents on our website, social media, email list, etc. Please reply as soon as you can so we can publish your answers. At the latest by March 12th.
Personal questions
  1. Do you ride a bicycle on the valley area roads/trails and why?
  2. Do you think cycling in Tempe is safe for you, your family members and friends? What would do do to improve the safety of the cycling environment?”
  3. What have you done or worked on in the past that shows your record of being involved in bicycle safety or road/trail improvement campaigns? Please elaborate.

Specific improvements in Tempe

  1. Where do you think cycling fits in Tempe or any city’s transportation  infrastructure and planning?
  2. Many streets in Tempe do not have bike lanes (Broadway Road, Rural Road, McClintock Drive, Southern Avenue) and are not comfortable for any users other than automobile drivers. What measures would you support to improve the state of bike lane frequency in Tempe (i.e. road diets, shared spaces for bikes/buses, increased bike lanes)?
  3. How will you work with ADOT to obtain more bicycle and pedestrian facilities adjacent to and over the local freeway system like Country Club Way and Alameda Drive?  Bicyclists have requested freeway crossings at Alameda and the I-10 and the Western Canal and I-10 and Balboa and 101 etc…
  4. The Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is surrounded by roadway devoid of bike lanes. How would you make the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport accessible by bike?

Tempe’s cycling image in the US

  1. How would you increase Tempe’s standing in the broader bicycle community? For example, how would you help Tempe grow from its “silver” status with the League of American Bicyclists to a “platinum” status?


Tempe Bicycle Action Group is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization working to make bicycling a prominent, safe and convenient form of transportation and recreation in Tempe, Arizona and surrounding areas through education, grassroots events, and civic participation. The organization reaches out thousands of local bicycle enthusiasts each year with events, rides, and both adult and youth educational programs.
TBAG aims to coordinate Tempe area cyclists to speak with a unified voice on bicycle related issues. As the largest local bicycle advocacy organization, TBAG has been fortunate to have maintained a good working relationship with the City Council and Mayor Hallman. TBAG is excited to continue to work with local officials to promote a bicycle friendly environment.

The mustache ride: Handlebars aren’t just for your bicycle – Sat. March 10

What: Save some bike chain grease for your whiskers this March, when Tempe Bicycle Action Group will be celebrating the fur that has graced the upper lip of many great men (and women!) throughout history: the moustache.

So fluff up your fu manchu, primp your pencil ‘stache and give Hasselhoff a run for his money. This nighttime ride is a chance for all cyclists, young and old to take their whiskers on a tour of the finest drinking establishments in Tempe.

All cyclists are invited. Please RSVP to the Facebook event at the Tempe Bicycle Action Group Facebook page here.

Where: Meet at Tempe Beach Park entrance: the northwest corner of Rio Salado Parkway and Mill Avenue in Tempe

When: Saturday, March. 10, 7:30 p.m.

Cost: FREE

How: For more information, contact or

Wondering what goes down on a TBAG Second Saturday ride? Check out the photos from our Feb. Tweed Ride here:

March 2012 Local Advocacy Update

Thanks to those who joined us to work with the ASU College of Design on our “biking is cool” outreach campaign – we are going through the designs this week. Look out for some cool outreach images later this spring! Otherwise, we are gearing up for the 2012 Tempe Bike Count and Bike to Work Day on April 18. See our recent posts related to the bike count to sign up to volunteer or get involved in the planning and analysis. For information on Bike to Work Day – see: We will send out a call for volunteers later in March.

National Advocacy Issues – March 2012 Update

Thanks for responding to our latest action alerts and contacting your Senators and Representatives over the past few months. Cyclists are being heard on a national level. From the League of American Bicyclists: “Thanks, in part, to the powerful advocacy of bicyclists, members of Congress from both parties are speaking up for bicycling and walking. Bi-partisan amendments to improve the House and Senate transportation bills are being submitted in the both chambers of Congress.”

Read more:

Photos from the 2012 TBAG Winter Games

Thanks to everyone who came out to the TBAG Winter Games and Boulders Bike Swap. Thanks to New Belgium Brewing and the local Ranger, Billy for sponsoring the beer. Thanks to Boulders on Broadway for holding the swap in their parking lot, and the beer special after the event. And as always, thanks to our great volunteers for making this happen!

Check put the photos below and tag all of your friends on Facebook

TBAG Winter Games 3 and Boulders Gear Swap – Sun. Feb 26th

T.B.A.G. is hosting the 3rd Annual Winter Games Sunday, February 26 at Clark Park in Tempe.

The Winter Games are a celebration of bikes, community, fun, and a great reason to let loose with your friends and strangers on bipedal machines.

Before the celebrating and stunts begin, Boulders on Broadway is hosting a Bike and Gear Swap Meet in their parking lot starting at 9 a.m. and is having breakfast specials and live music throughout the meet.

After the meet head on over to Clark Park for The Games and see returning this year – The Huffy Toss, Princess Bike Death Races, Tall Bike & Small Bike Jousting, and Bike Polo.

Winter Games 3 is sponsored in part by New Belgium Brewing and Boulders on Broadway.

Please RSVP to the Facebook event:

New! To get text message alerts for this event, text TBAG to 719-355-TBAG (8224)


TBAG Winter Games 3

Bicycle Dreams Movie and LOOPS Ride – Wed. Feb. 22nd

Tuesday is the last day to get advance tickets for $11!

RSVP and invite your friends on Facebook:

And ride the LOOPS ride after the movie:

Bicycle Dreams, the award-winning feature-length documentary about the Race Across America (RAAM), will premiere in Tempe at the Madcap Theaters in Tempe on Wednesday, February 22 at 7 p.m. as part of the film’s ongoing nationwide winter tour. The screening is presented as a benefit for the Tempe Bicycle Action Group.

The event is co-sponsored by State Bicycle Co a local fixed-gear bicycle company. State Bicycle hosts a weekly LOOPS ride every Wednesday, and on the night of the show the group will meet at Madcap, check out the movie, and then head out on the ride after the movie. Keep an eye on the State Bicycle Facebook page for more ride details:

Tickets will be $11 in advance and $15 at the door the night of the show. To purchase advance tickets, order online at Madcap Theaters is located at 730 South Mill St. in Tempe.

The film, which has won numerous awards at film festivals all over the world, “is an up-close look at what RAAM riders go through,” says Stephen Auerbach, the director and producer of Bicycle Dreams. “They deal with searing desert heat, agonizing mountain climbs, and endless stretches of open road. And they do it all while battling extreme exhaustion and sleep deprivation. It’s a great subject for a film.”

Find out more information and RSVP on Facebook:


Cycle Right! Friday Feb 17th 2012


Cycle Right! Invites YOU (and all of your friends) on a bike ride to promote cycling rights and motor-user awareness.

Cyclists are an integral and growing part of our community. Unfortunately, this fun and sustainable mode of transportation can be dangerous in a city built for cars. Our event aims at education and raising awareness for bicycle users so less of us get hurt or even killed by cars. The more of us show up, the better.

It will also be FUN!

There will be a RAFFLE and FOOD TRUCKS!

Bring your helmet, if you have one. But above all else, this event is about education, making a statement, and raising awareness!

Cycle Right! in collaboration with
Bike Saviours Co-Op
Brand-X Clothing