Man arrested and charged for Tempe hit-and-run

Tempe PD arrested a man in conjunction with a hit-and run that occurred on Memorial Day. Justin Allen Erickson, 19, of Tempe is facing  Class 2 Felony charges for leaving the scene of a serious injury accident. He admitted to being under the influence of alcohol at the time. Jessica Durand, 25, was riding her bicycle near Rural and Broadway when she was hit, she is in the hospital recovering from her injuries.

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Take Action: Federal Funding for Biking and Walking Threatened Again

From the League of American Bicyclists:

Deja Vu: House Aims to Eliminate Local Funds for Biking and Walking

Take Action!

Ask Your Member of Congress to Protect Funding in the Transportation Bill: click here to go to our action center
The U.S. House and Senate are negotiating right now to produce a final federal transportation bill and 20 years of gains on biking, walking and Safe Routes to School could be eliminated.

Only a strong show of support from people like you can make sure this doesn’t happen. Please act TODAY to protect federal funding for local biking and walking.

In March, the Senate passed a bill with bipartisan support that included the Cardin-Cochran agreement, which allows local governments and school systems to access much-needed funds to for biking and walking projects and programs. But the House would prefer to get rid of biking and walking funding by giving states the chance to ‘opt out’ of this funding pot completely — and take away local governments’ ability to access federal funds for small transportation projects.

If the House gets its way, your local governments won’t have access to funds to build the sidewalks, bike lanes and bikeways that make streets safer for all of us.

We can’t let Congress eliminate local control. We need the Senate conferees to stand strong behind their bi-partisan, bike-friendly agreement, and the House to stand down from their attempt to eliminate local access to these federal funds.

Please act now, even if you have taken action on this issue already.  Fill in your zip code, below, or, if you’re seeing this in an email, click here to go to our action center.