Billboard Hysteria

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Two months ago, Becker Boards sent us photos of our brand new billboard. I had to go see it for myself to make sure it wasn’t a rouse, but sure enough, a 14 foot high, 48 foot wide billboard was talking about bikes. The photos got posted on Facebook and were an instant hit with our followers.

The ad was inspired by one LA Metro did. It struck a chord here. Clearing up confusion about whether bicycles are allowed to be on the road (yes!) seemed important.

And create dialogue it did. Suddenly people — and news outlets — wanted to talk to us about it. One hectic week, we had three interview requests we were scrambling to cover. We talked to two different TV networks, one twice, a morning news radio station, and a major local newspaper.

People interested in bikes in Tempe are finding us. These last two months, the ranks of people following us swelled by 25%. I thank you for joining us and hope we’re able to provide you with some delicious cycling community. Community is important.

Last week, long time TBAGers Jeremy Deatherage and Scott Nowicki organized a photoshoot at Tempe Beach Park for a possible new billboard design. We’re grateful for the dialog created by this one, but we have a lot we want to say, and our Awareness Committee latched on to a very simple message. I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but the goal is simply to make Tempe residents feel good about living in a bike town. We want to show cycling in Tempe as a friendly, welcoming, and pleasant part of Tempe.

We talk about our board, the Special Projects Unit, the Awareness Committee, and so on, but really we’re just a bunch of people who like riding bikes who meet over beer to work together on all of our ideas. Awareness, Special Projects, and Advocacy are mostly made up of interested members of the community. If you aren’t already on the Volunteers list, please click “update subscription preferences” on the bottom of this email (or click “Join Us” at the top if you’re viewing this on our site) and you’ll get the meeting announcements. Click Advocacy too — Tempe can’t say that there isn’t a cyclist community when we all show up to a public meeting wearing helmets. Thank you for riding your bike!

Get a life. Give up your car.


Support your favorite local bike shop and revolutionize your life by  trading in your car for a bike of your choosing Oct. 5 during the Tempe Tour de Fat. New Belgium Brewing Co. will pay a local establishment up to $2,250 for a bike when you fork over your keys and vow to live a car-free life.

Anyone can enter. Simply tell New Belgium why you’re the best and most devoted candidate for a brand new commuter bike via video, photos or in writing on the Tour de Fat Tempe Facebook page:
If you’d like more information, help with your video, or how to enter contact: or go to

PEDALOCALYPSE – Second Saturday Ride – Sept 14th 7:30pm

It’s the day after, and you’ve still got your bike. In the midst of the aftermath, the survivors are meeting on Saturday, September 14 to celebrate and help out those who need some love. In September we’re not just riding, we’re reaching out to our local community by sharing what we’ve got. All goods donated will be handed off to Tempe Community Action Agency, which assists those in need, locally. It’s your social ride with conscience. Some ideas for donation follow.

New underwear
Sport bras for women
New Socks
Non-perishable foods
Diapers (sizes 0-4)
Grocery store gift cards
Gas gift cards
Feminine hygiene products

DATE Saturday, September 14, 2013
TIME 7:30 p.m.
PLACE Tempe Beach Park entrance on
Rio Salado Parkway and Mill Avenue
COST Free (as always)
ATTIRE Post apocalyptic
ROUTE To be announced

Ride Tips
Bring drinking water.
Remember this is a social ride, you’re encouraged to leave your anti-social skills at home.
Pay as you go and try to avoid tabs because it leads to departure issues.
Cash is easier than plastic.
Police yourself and not others.
Drink responsibly.
Ride safely, you’re riding at your own risk.
We are warriors and we ride rain or shine, depart at 7:45 p.m. and post to the events page along the way, so be sure you’ve joined the event for alerts and photos of our pedal powered zaniness.

Bike Lights for Ninjas, Part III

Sundown, Wed the 4th, Mark Eastwood led a group of four riders out to hand out bike lights to riders in need. He wrote this about the affair:

There were 4 of us, Sue, Tim, and Mike. Since there were so many people out we focused on the area between Hardy, University, Rio Salado and College.
Sue had already brought 20 sets of lights from the locker and I picked up between 10 and 20 more just before we took off. We ended up passing all of them out to quite a varied group of people. It is funny having people tell you they don’t need a light when it’s dark and they obviously don’t have one on their bike.

Thanks Mark and company!

Do you want to help make cyclists safer and reach out to new cyclists at the same time? Update your email preferences at and specify “volunteer opportunities” and we’ll announce future Ninja Lights Nights so you can join the party!

Update your TBAG mail preferences

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To sign up, click here. Once there, enter in your information and check each of the items you’re interested in hearing about.

We’re growing like nuts!  There are more projects in the works than ever before.  Advocacy is getting organized and is championing specific projects with the city.  The Special Projects Unit is working overtime to do cool things for the cyclists of Tempe.  Giving out bike lights to those in need is now a regular thing.  The Special Projects Unit has been installing bike racks around town at our favorite establishments.  The Awareness Committee bought a billboard and is working on more art and stunts.

Great people like James (Special Projects Unit), Mark (Bike Lights for Ninjas, part of Special Projects), Russ (Bike Racks), and Rich (Bike Valets) have stepped up into leadership roles.  By doing the dirty work, they’re creating more fun, easy, rewarding ways to get involved.  Can these fine folks email you when they have a job ready to go?

Thank you for subscribing to our monthly newsletter.  We’re going to keep the news coming but we hope you’ll get in on our new targeted mailings.

Promote Tempe Tour de Fat & win a bike!

StreetShimonHelp promote your favorite bike event – the Tempe Tour de Fat – and you could win a bike!

Post flyers around your town (anywhere SouthWest USA!) and you can be in the running to win a free bike or shwag from New Belgium Brewing Company – the friendly beer folks who put on Tour de Fat festivals around the nation. All you need to do is sign up at and stick posters on every (legal) surface in town!

How does it work?

1) Go to .

2) Login using your Facebook account. Yes, go ahead and give it all the permissions.

3) You’ll need to fill in some information about yourself. Under Line 1 of your mailing address, put down your organization (ie: Ride for Reading).

4) Once all that’s in, You’ll see a list of Available Events. Scroll down to Tour De Fat and Join the Campaign for Tempe.

5) Now you’ll see a list of available actions on the left. These actions are those that are available in whatever distance range you signed up for.

6) Pick some online actions and do them.

7) If you would like promo, click the Request Promo on the right of your screen under “Enter a Bundle Code” and request your promo. Be sure your address is listed correctly, and StreetShimon will send you the posters, flyers, etc. for you to distribute. They’ll arrive in a few days.

8) Once you go out and promote — be sure to take photos of the posters up. When complete you need to close out your actions. Do this under the My Actions section, when you click on Complete this Action, you have to upload pictures proving that you did the postering and so we can send TdF a nice report with all the photos and locations the posters were distributed.


Join Endless Summer Ride Sept. 14


EndlesSummerRideBeers, bikes, giveaways — and philanthropy? We’re in – and you should be too.

Join TBAG friends who are hosting the Cruiser Bicycle Ride & Bike Giveaway Saturday Sept. 14 at Spokes on Southern.  On the ride, you’ll get a chance to win andy giveaways! Donated funds (suggested donation is $5) will go to local charities and firefighter funds. RSVP at:


  • Ride departs at 12:00 Noon Sept. 14
  • Meet at Spokes on Southern (1470 E Southern Ave., Tempe)
  • Cost: Suggested donation of $5.00
  • The Route: 1. Spokes on Southern 2. Monkey Pants Bar & Grille 3. Boulders on Broadway 4. Native New Yorker 5. Spokes on Southern (END – BIKE GIVEAWAY!)
  • Total Distance: 6 miles roundtrip

For extra fun: bring your squirt guns and water toys. The hosts will have at least one water balloon battle staged along the route!

For more details, visit: