Advocacy Activities for May 2015

Coming soon (or open and this page is out of date): Online feedback for the Character Areas. This is a chance to request amenities like shade, water, and public art like what went in on Farmer Ave.

Tell ADOT “No more interstates until kids can bike to school”. May 26 is the last day to submit comments. Allocation of Federal funds for bike projects built Portland’s original award winning bicycle network. Tempe wants to do a lot, but getting projects funded is the hard part. Put the pressure on to fund it!

Tempe Open Houses and Meetings:

If you show up to one these (and we’d totally nail this thing if everyone showed up for one meeting), you don’t have to do or say anything in particular other than that you support the project and want bike lanes. Super easy, and it makes a huge difference.

Bicycle Boulevards “Seat” Route Public Meeting
May 13, 6:00pm
Hardy Substation 8201 S Hardy Drive
More information:

TBAG Board Meeting (public welcome!)
May 17, 7pm
Boulders on Broadway
More information:

Tempe City Council
May 21, 6pm
Capitol Improvement Projects on agenda (tentative)
We want to get bike projects proposed by the Tempe Transportation Commission funded, such as the multi-use path going south from downtown Tempe down to Southern, parallel to Mill.

Alameda Project 2nd Public Meeting
Sept 16
“This project will traverse east and west in Tempe from Rural Road to 48th Street at the Phoenix border and would involve re-characterizing three miles of a very wide collector street with no current bike or pedestrian amenities other than signage into a premier bicycle boulevard. The project is identified in the Tempe Transportation Plan and has some of the highest east/west ridership numbers in Tempe according to Tempe Bicycle Action Group. The project links directly to Phoenix and bike lanes on Roeser. Alameda would ultimately link to Mesa and the 8th Street bikeway, across the 101 freeway with a bike/pedestrian bridge that is proposed, but not yet funded. The project also links directly to the location of a bike/ped bridge over the I-10 to Diablo Stadium that is now funded as part of ADOT’s near term improvements to the interstate. The project will link to 10 transit routes, including some of the busiest fixed routes (72) and Tempe’s Orbit system. This collector street also links directly to two schools, established neighborhoods as well as major industrial/employment areas like Fountain Head.”

Alameda Project 3rd Public Meeting
Nov 7