• TBAG strives to keep the local cycling community up to date on bicycle planning and infrastructure development efforts as well as public meetings and other opportunities to make their voice heard. Ongoing issues in Tempe include: The I-10 expansion, specifically the request for a bike/ped bridge at Alameda/Roeser, the Broadway Road redevelopment project, the University Drive Streetscape and Bicycle/Pedestrian project, and ongoing efforts to improve road safety for cyclists and all road users in Tempe.
  • NEW (August 2010): Read a copy of the letter that TBAG is sending to the Arizona Department of Transportation, about the request for the bike/ped bridge at Alameda/Roser. The letter can be found here as a pdf.
  • TBAG holds a position on the City of Tempe’s Transportation Commission Bicycle, Planning & Project Review Committee. This committee provides citizen input on bicycle, pedestrian and other transportation planning activities in the city of Tempe.

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