2011 TBAG Public Art Project

TBAG is seeking to commission an artist (or artists team) to work with to create a permanent public art piece in Tempe, in the Mitchell Park Neighborhoods area. The project commission is for $15K and is inclusive of all design and fabrication costs associated with the project.

TBAG, the neighborhoods, and the City of Tempe will work with the artist to see the project through to construction. The intention of the project is to create a local landmark that supports bicycle culture in Tempe. Artists of all skill levels are encouraged to apply.

Click here to view and download the full call to artists with examples of similar projects in Tempe.

One thought on “2011 TBAG Public Art Project

  1. So I do ALOT of tig welding, huge fan of biking! Even though I have been hit twice now in Tempe, one head on the other from the side in a crosswalk. Currently i’m filing small claims to pay for medical bills

    But I think a great piece would be a functional display: One that not only advocates the use of bikes but can help those with bikes.

    A solar powered air pump.

    Various tools that could be linked via a retractable chain.

    Information posts on various trails, events, and local laws.

    A purified water spout.

    A “bolt bucket” for all the odd little nuts and bolts, Drop off your misc. nuts and bolts or take what you need.

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