Tempe Tour de Fat – Saturday Oct 4th 2014

The Tour de Fat is coming to Tempe again this year on Saturday, October 4th 2014 at Tempe Beach Park!

Come to one of the biggest cycling events in the valley. Don’t forget to dress up!

The Parade is from 11am to Noon, and the bike games, bands, shows and beer goes from Noon-5pm. Don’t miss it!–>

Tempe Bicycle Action Group, The Mountain Bike Association of Arizona, The Central Arizona Mountain Bike Patrol, and Bike Saviours Bicycle Collective, derive their main source of funding from the Tour de Fat. New Belgium does not keep any of the proceeds. The event is staffed by volunteers and all proceeds go directly to these non-profit groups.

2014 Volunteer Sign-Up

Volunteer signup for 2014 is now closed. 2015 sign up will open in August 2015.
Feel free to email tourdefat@biketempe.org if you have questions, comments or updates on your volunteer situation.
The benefitting non-profit groups can always use volunteers throughout the year. Please see each group as to how you can help out aside from Tour de Fat.

Registered Teams
Teams are for small groups of people (3-12) that want to work together. So grab a couple of friends and sign up now. New teams can be registered by the Team Leader with the sign-up form.

10 thoughts on “Tempe Tour de Fat – Saturday Oct 4th 2014

  1. Last year I came across enormous quantity of bikers passing by. Many were dressed up in a weird manner. I was photographing them and wanted some more this year. Is this Tour de fat or it was something else? The morons running all such events are totally brain dead: where is the map? What time should I come in and where to stand to photograph the weirdos? The website provides no info whatsoever, 100% worthless. You only exercise your saddles and never heads. I clicked on calendar and, as everywhere else, it is practically blank. To top it all, like all NSA snoops, it gives me fascist orders that name and email is required: darlings – go to hell. I decide what required and what not, and in no event anyone else will decide it for me.

  2. @photographer: i too am curious who they were. i saw them in asu, and they were heading from 1 public fountain to another!

  3. Dear Flamebait Photographer,

    The _very_ first link in this post takes you to


    Once there you may then click “Tempe Arizona” (are you still with me?? I know this is complicated) to go to this URL:


    This page states the venue is at Tempe Beach Park, list a route map for the parade as well as an hourly breakdown of the festival events.

    This internet stuff can be tough sometimes; it’s ok. Hope you enjoy yourself! Ride Bikes!!

  4. When I left my comment a week ago, I could not imagine that it will be posted. I addressed it to the website. Today I simply googled Tour de Fat 2014 and first went to http://www.newbelgium.com/tour-de-fat. The first thing there was demand to enter my birthday, not even the age. What a cute excuse to lick NSA behind and racketeer private info every which way from everyone at all times. I left immediately and clicked on the second link in my search – this one. As everywhere else, even such a small and unnoticeable (and worthless) website, trolls are permanently present and their stench is so noticeable that one has to be as brain dead as the website owner not to see that all trolls everywhere start from intellectual insults. No, dear troll, I was in newbelgium.com before I saw your post and will never patronize websites demanding anything at all.

    Speaking of the bike event: rain or shine? It does not say. Water bottles allowed? It does not say. Will Tempe and New Belgium post a sign “no guns” or paw citizens as their standard fascist procedure because Tempe is a student city and students just happened to be so brainless you could dump onto them anything you want and they would not notice it. Last year there was enormous line for beer and I stood there for an hour (because I had free coupons) observing that young scoundrels were squeezing in droves. Some were pushed accidentally b other people and spilled their $5 booze in plastic cups. I would not stand there anymore even with free coupons. Anything changed this year? It does not say. It lists registered teams, like I care… I care to watch pretty chicks, that’s all.

    Last year I was near the Mill building itself and bikers were coming from afar. The angle of photographing was against the sun, very inconvenient, and that’s why I wanted to find out more this year and go to some other street. No such luck. No map as I said before. Troll shall enter his birthday, shoe size and intelligence agency affiliation on every website he/she/it is patrolling and leave a good photographer alone.

  5. New Belgium is required by law to make a “reasonable effort” not to advertise beer related stuff to minors. Make up an age. If you don’t want to go to the site, that’s fine. We can answer questions too (here, email, on FB, when I was sitting in Boulders this evening, when I was in Taste of Tops a few days ago, at Casey Moore’s tomorrow, etc, etc).

    There’s more info in our mailings and blog posts (http://biketempe.org/join-us, http://facebook.com/biketempe) than on New Belgiums site about the Tempe TdF.

    Rain or shine. Water bottles allowed. I saw “no guns” signs last year but I didn’t see anyone pawed, except one dude who tried to slip in to the bike corral and steal a bike. You do need to produce picture ID to get a wrist band which you need to buy beer tokens or trade those in for beers.

    There are four more beer stations than last year, total: a mobile can station (on the front of a bike, woohoo!), two stationary Shift can stations, and an addition beer truck/tent with all of the taps. We’re really, really, really hoping not to have a repeat of the lines last year. We know that sucks. We’d rather have people be able to get a beer quickly and then chill out with friends and watch the show than be worried about whether they can even get a beer.

    Yup, it’s $5, and that supports the Bike Saviours Bike Co-op, all of the stuff TBAG does (handing out bike lights, billboards, and tons of other things), as well as the Mountain Bike Patrol. The cups are compostable plastic and we have a deal with an industrial composting facility that does high temp composting. The music and entertainment (check out the Le Tigre attractions… I never saw those until I followed the show to Austin once… they’re awesome) are paid for by New Belgium.

    You don’t have to join or start a team unless you’re volunteering, and even then it’s only so that you and your friends can volunteer together in the same place.

    Please see my earlier comment. The jumping in fountains is a different ride. Get in touch if you want to take pictures of that and I’ll get you in touch with the people organizing it (I don’t know who that is yet, but when someone volunteers to do it, I’ll get you in touch). The route map for the TdF parade is posted on http://facebook.com/biketempe, on our WordPress, and on the CIA-enabled website.

    Come out if you want to, and if not, feedback is welcome too.

  6. Been doing it for years never had any issues finding info for the event either on the website or posted pretty much everywhere in the pubs and bike shops in Tempe. Must say though that the Tour De Fat is not for everyone especially those with crappy grandiose paranoid attitudes (Photograpoher), those folks might want to think about finding something else to do in and around Tempe tomorrow 100414 because the bikers are taking over this town!!
    Bottom line if you dont like our event or think its stupid or it’s an NSA plot .. DON’T COME!!
    No one will notice you weren’t there guaranteed!!
    RIDE ON!!

  7. There were only about 10,000 people who attended. Saw a sign: “No photographer or Ank allowed”.

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