Bike Index: Bike Registration that Works

Bike theft.  When it happens, you often feel like you have no recourse.  We at TBAG understand that frustration, and want to make sure you are prepared for this worst case scenario.  The City of Tempe has their own bike registration page ( to help you register your bike within the city.  For a more expansive registry, please check out the Bike Index (  Registering your bike will make sure you have the proof you need to get your bike back

Grand Canalscape Project logo

Grand Canalscape Project Needs Your Feedback

The City of Phoenix has begun designing the first and second phase of the Grand Canalscape project, which creates a nearly 12-mile continuous trail system along the Grand Canal from I-17 to the Phoenix/Tempe border, and they want to hear from us!  Visit the project page at, and feel free to email any comments on their contact page:  Take a moment to either cut-and-paste our sample message we have crafted (below), or send your own comments.

“The Grand Canal is an important connector route from Tempe to Phoenix. As a cyclist and [parent/commuter/employee/student] I frequently bike this route, and can see two improvements that would greatly benefit this route.  The improvements are 1) paving and consistent upkeep (removing debris) of both the north and south side of the canal, and 2) adding crosswalk lights or other safety measures at key intersections.  These route improvements will ensure riders of all ages are safe and feel comfortable using these public routes.”

Counters and Crunchers

Counters n’ Crunchers

Counters n’ Crunchers is the most incredible group that has ever existed. We count bikes and then we crunch those bikes! Er…wait that data, crunch the data, not the bikes.

Envisioned as 21st century version of an 18th century Parisian cafe where science was performed, we are a group dedicated to understanding what is necessary and needed in order to create a more perfect union of people who ride bikes and people who are not currently riding bikes.

The next meeting is Saturday, April 9, at 3pm. Anyone interested should head to Boulders on Broadway, grab a beer, and join in on a data-crunching good time!

TBAG Bylaw Change

Public Notice: Potential Change to TBAG Bylaws

According to the bylaws adopted by the Tempe Bicycle Action Group Article VII Section 2 (…/tbag_bylaws_amended-march04_2008…) any changes to said document require a 30 day advance public notice. Consider this notice that at the next regular public board meeting on February 21st at Boulders on Broadway at 7:00 PM the board will be voting at adopt changes outlined in this document (…/TBAG_bylaws_proposed_Jan-20-2016.…). Arguments for these changes include; adjusting the bylaws to reflect our actual annual meeting month, to incorporate our our diversity statement into the bylaws, and change our fiscal year to match what the IRS has on file. Presently there are no arguments recorded against these proposed changes.

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Local Businesses Need Bike Racks? TBAG’s Here to Help!

TBAG now offers affordable bike racks and installation to local businesses! The City of Tempe is rapidly expanding and improving its bike infrastructure, which means more bikes will be able to reach more businesses. Installing a bike rack at your local business today ensures you can tap into this growing consumer base today. By partnering with TBAG to arrange a new bike rack, you increase on-site parking for your business, even if space is scarce.


custom bike rackcustom bike rack 2

Looking for a little more style for your business?  Contact TBAG today to start a custom bike rack



Do you know a local business that you wish had a bike rack? Are you a local business owner that doesn’t want to be stuck in the past?  Contact us today, and we’ll hook you up!