Bike Polo Tomorrow

It’s on…

The next installment of the Second Coming of Bike Polo is taking place this Friday, April 4 at ~5:30.

Feel free to bring a friend or a forward this on to someone you think may be interested.

Full details:

Where: Creamery Park (it’s the park in the center), just east of Four Peaks Brewery, on 8th Street

When: Friday, April 4th @ ~5:50 PM

What You Should Bring: Yourself (duh), your bicycle (we’ll be gentle with them), some protective gear (if you’re a sissy), old clothes/a sweet costume and a desire to whack some balls around

What We Will Bring: Mallets, Balls, and Goals

How: We generally play 3-4 on a team depending on skill on a field similar to 1/2 a soccer field. There are several rules, which are in no way representative of the real rules in polo but we still have a good time.

More info on polo

So, drop your lame plans, bring a friend if you want and get ready to have a polo-extravagana, Nowicki style.

2 thoughts on “Bike Polo Tomorrow

  1. This sounds fun. Too bad I didn’t know about it sooner, can’t make it today. Keep us posted when you do this again!

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