2017 Tempe Bike Count Volunteer Sign-Up

Thank you for volunteering for the Tempe Bike Count. There are six possible shifts: AM and PM shifts on March 28, 29, and 30. The AM shifts are 7am to 9am. The PM shifts are 4pm to 6pm. Read more about the event at http://www.biketempe.org/events/bike-count/. Info collected is for use at this event only, and to alert you when the next Bike Count comes around. If we can't reach you by email to confirm your count time and location, we will assign your intersection to someone else. Sign up for TBAG email at biketempe.org to hear about other events, volunteer opertunities, and projects. Contact bikecount@biketempe.org for help, to remove a shift, etc. Here are the AM (xxxA) and PM (xxxP) locations that are still open.

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Count dates are Tues March 28, Wed March 29, and Thurs March 30.