Tour de Fat will be here in almost two weeks. Here’s a taste of what Tempe is in for:

Video is from Fort Collins, CO where the over 4,500 participants in the Tour de Fat bike parade set a Guinness record for the largest bike parade in the world!

October 13th – Tempe Town Lake. Don’t miss it.

2 Responses to “Brace yourselves Tempe…”
  1. rhino says:

    Any speculation how many bicycles were in Tempe’s TdF the last 2 years? Any estimates of how many riders Tempe will see this year? Curious?

    Who holds the record for most kegs tapped?

  2. Chris says:

    Tempe had about 1000 people in the 2006 parade & 4000 at the beer and bands party. We’re hoping Tempe will be even bigger this year.

    Flagstaff tends to blow the rest of the TdF stops out of the water when it comes to beer – 187 kegs (vs. Tempe’s 61) in 2006…Drunks.

    Recaps of all the 2006 TdF stops are at:

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