Bike Count Report and Data for 2014 Published!

In April 2014, the fourth annual city-wide bike count in Tempe was conducted as a way of understanding cycling habits and to identify routes and intersections that are problematic or dangerous. In total, 12,583 bicyclists were counted from a total of 79 volunteers working two shifts at 48 locations, with 21 common locations between 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014.

Get the report here [pdf]:


Raw data for all count years and code for some of the plots are available from github:

Thanks to our count volunteers and everyone who helped bring this effort to fruition!

Especially thank you to the core Bike Count organizers: Cliff Anderson, Jennifer Guzy, Donna Lewandowski, Stevie Milne, Jeff Caslake, and Alexander Deem. And thanks to Yue “Eva” Zhang and Parth Dalwadi for contributions to the published report.

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Voice your needs; take the Tempe Transportation survey

BikeActivistLet your opinions shape your community for years to come – voice your opinions in the City of Tempe Transportation Master Plan. This is an opportunity for cyclists of Tempe to tell the city what we need by way of bicycle friendly infrastructure.

This survey will be used for the Tempe Transportation Master Plan for the next 10 years. The city is asking for specific street names where residents would like to have bike lanes, protected bike lanes, bike boulevards and paths. They are also asking for lists of gaps in the current bike system. You have until June 15 to let your voice be heard!

Take the survey today

There are also public meetings on May 29th and 31st, please attend and give your feedback:

 Need some inspiration? TBAG has been advocating for the following changes in the Tempe bike system:

  1. A north-south bike route along the railroad tracks east of McClintock.
  2. Bike lanes on McClintock
  3. Bike lanes on Southern
  4. Bike lanes on Broadway
  5. Bike boulevards on the major bike routes such as College, Hardy, and Alameda
  6. A bike path along the railroad tracks from Tempe Town Lake to Kiwanis Park
  7. A bridge over the 1-10 at Alameda
  8. A bridge over the 101 at Alameda



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Become a bike hero: join a committee or the TBAG board member Nov. 3

superhero-bike-MR TGet a report of what we’ve been up to all year and get some skin in the game at the annual voting and committee assignment meeting at 5 p.m. Nov. 3 at Boulders on Broadway. RSVP on our Facebook event here.

Since the TBAG board has seen a serious change of members, there has been a lot going on! Make the choice to lead or join one of our fine committees concentrating on a multitude of different areas.

While you’re at it, grab a snack and a beer on us, plus snag some sweet beer specials!

  • Where: Boulders on Broadway
  • When: Sunday, Nov. 3, 5 p.m.
  • Why: Become a bike activist star and spokesman.


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Update your TBAG mail preferences

ScrottiePlease take a moment and tell us if we can contact you about volunteer opportunities, leadership opportunities, advocacy efforts, or if you’d like email about rides and events.

To sign up, click here. Once there, enter in your information and check each of the items you’re interested in hearing about.

We’re growing like nuts!  There are more projects in the works than ever before.  Advocacy is getting organized and is championing specific projects with the city.  The Special Projects Unit is working overtime to do cool things for the cyclists of Tempe.  Giving out bike lights to those in need is now a regular thing.  The Special Projects Unit has been installing bike racks around town at our favorite establishments.  The Awareness Committee bought a billboard and is working on more art and stunts.

Great people like James (Special Projects Unit), Mark (Bike Lights for Ninjas, part of Special Projects), Russ (Bike Racks), and Rich (Bike Valets) have stepped up into leadership roles.  By doing the dirty work, they’re creating more fun, easy, rewarding ways to get involved.  Can these fine folks email you when they have a job ready to go?

Thank you for subscribing to our monthly newsletter.  We’re going to keep the news coming but we hope you’ll get in on our new targeted mailings.

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Calling all artists – TBAG wants YOU to design a billboard

76 gasoline bikeGet your bike art on!

TBAG is going big – with a 14-by-48-foot billboard. The only thing that we’re missing is the design! If you’re artistically inclined or like to design, we want your ideas for the TBAG billboard for all to see!

TBAG is accepting applications from artists; send your resume (two-page maximum) and portfolio to and get a chance to show off your creative genius to the valley! All portfolio submissions must be received by Sept. 14.

We are open to the artsy and unconventional. To be digestible by freeway users, any written message should be short.Your artistic designs should convey the following message points:

  • Cycling is cool!
  • The cycling community is a tight knit family
  • The benefits of a sustainable biking lifestyle
  • Encourage drivers to share the road
  • Bikes are fun!

This message should be friendly to all who see it. The guiding principle here is that bikes are fun and everyone should see the cycling community as open, inviting and adventurous!

For more, go to

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Advocacy Alert! Support the Tempe General Plan 2040

Please tell the City of Tempe council and staff that you support the 2040 General Plan draft and that you support sustainability initiatives, open space, pedestrian and bicycle improvements, environmental initiatives, and smart and sustainable management of the coming population and employment growth. Please comment online here:

Info on the Tempe General Plan 2040 can be found here:

Within the circulation chapter the Tempe staff has done a great job including things like expanded bike lanes, closing gaps in the current bike route system, crossings over the freeways and railroads etc: You can check out the entire draft here:

The Thursday Aug 1st meeting was partially derailed by UN conspiracy theorists. We need our Tempe neighbors and friends to tell the city that we support sustainable development, managed density, open space, increased transit and bike infrastructure. Please comment online here:

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TBAG Grants Program

TBAG is one of the recipients of funds raised each year by New Belgium’s Tour de Fat, but it takes people to get bicycle advocacy done, not just money.  That’s why we have a grants program.  In the past, we’ve paid grants to the Bicus Bicycle Co-op in Tucson, the Rusty Spoke Bicycle Co-op, Karma Racer, WeCycle, and various other awesome organizations.  Most recently, we pledged money to help get PHX Bike Labs going in their new space.

We also do small grants.  Do you have an idea for making bicycling better, or a project to spread the word?  Write up your plan in 1-2 pages and mail it to (cc’ing won’t hurt either).  If you can attend one of our meetings and introduce your idea in 3 minutes, we’d love to meet you.

We can’t do everything ourselves — not even close!  But we can help enable you to.

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Know a Place That Needs a Bike Rack? TBAG Can Help!


Tempe Bicycle Action Group’s new Bike Racks program has been a hit with businesses.  We approached Cornish Pasty in Tempe, Tops Liquors (home of Taste of Tops), Cartel Coffee Labs, and Handlebar, and no one said they didn’t want a bike rack.  The deal is that we get well made but inexpensive racks at our cost, and deliver and install them for next to nothing.

After the initial success of this project, we’re ready to move on to Phase II:  Install Racks Everywhere.  We need your help.  Do you have a favorite business that just does not have a good bike rack, or needs more racks?  TBAG can help.  Talk to the owner and ask him or her to let us help them get a rack installed.  Set up a meeting and will get you someone else in TBAG to go to the meeting with you so you aren’t alone.

We also need people to go to these (and other locations) to offer our services:

  • Filmbar in Phoenix
  • Solo Cafe
  • Long Wongs on Apache
  • Oreganos on Mill
  • Sprouts
  • Flavor on Mill
  • The Vine
  • Crescent Ballroom has program details.  You can print that out and show it to business owners.  Want to help with Phase II?  Email me.

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Tempe Ghost Bike Re-location

Over the past year, Tempe Bicycle Action Group has worked with the City of Tempe council and staff on properly retiring the two ghost bikes that we placed in Tempe over 3 years ago. The city officials and staff at all levels went above and beyond to handle a tough situation with dignity and respect, give plenty of notice and time to work with the families, friends, and the local bike community, and also offered their time and equipment to re-locate the bikes.

The ghost bike at University and Ash has been re-located to the Bike Saviours bike co-op where it was built. Bike Saviours is working with the family of the man killed, Chris Volpe, on ideas for a more permanent memorial and continued public education.

The ghost bike at Alameda and McClintock was re-located in cooperation with the family of the man who was killed, Jay Fretz. The family has chosen to keep the bike themselves as a private memorial.

Aside from it’s purpose as a memorial, a ghost bike’s greatest impact is immediate bicycle awareness when a tragedy happens. The goal is to remind people to watch for bikes and respect their presence as traffic. As time goes on, the ghost bike can also benefit real change and create positive dialog about bike facilities and bike safety, including the possibility of signage or engineering changes in general, but also where the accidents happened.

Last year, the city of Tempe adopted it’s first policy for the management of any roadside memorials. In doing so they “acknowledge a desire to allow temporary memorials within the street right-of-way and adjacent to city owned land”. This is a positive step since roadside memorials were not allowed before. TBAG will continue to work with the city on the specifics of this policy when it concerns future ghost bikes, due to the fact that a ghost bike’s purpose is educational and awareness in addition to being a memorial.

We will never forget Chris Volpe or Jay Fretz as we continue to advocate and educate for bicycle improvements in Tempe and the region.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact

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