Bike Index: Bike Registration that Works

Bike theft.  When it happens, you often feel like you have no recourse.  We at TBAG understand that frustration, and want to make sure you are prepared for this worst case scenario.  The City of Tempe has their own bike registration page ( to help you register your bike within the city.  For a more expansive registry, please check out the Bike Index (  Registering your bike will make sure you have the proof you need to get your bike back

Cycle Right

Cyclists are an integral and growing part of our community. Unfortunately, this fun and sustainable mode of transportation is dangerous in a city built for cars. We aim at raising awareness for bicycle users so less of us get hurt or even killed by cars.

Bike Valet Information

Tempe Bicycle Action Group launched bike valet service on December 29th, 2008 for the METRO Light Rail Grand Opening. We followed up with several large Tempe Beach Park events including the Great Arizona Beer Festival and Tempe Oktoberfest. In 2009 we parked close to 1,000 bikes.

What is Bike Valet? It’s essentially a coat check, but for bicycles instead of coats. Cyclists leave their bike with us and we provide them a claim check for their bicycle. The bikes are parked and secured in a fenced off area near the event entrance and kept under constant watch by our dedicated volunteers. The best part is the service is free for bicyclists!

In a nutshell, providing bike valet at your event effectively says “Yes, we support alternative transportation, green initiatives and we welcome you, the cycling public, by providing free, convenient and secure bike parking”.

Some Bike Valet Benefits:

  • You make cyclists feel included even if your event does not allow bicycles inside the event perimeter
  • Cyclists feel more comfortable attending your event knowing their bicycles are much more secure under the watchful eyes of our dedicated volunteers instead of locked to a fence somewhere in a dark corner
  • It shows you support alternative transportation, congestion reduction and green initiatives that benefit our health & the environment

If you are interested in having us provide bike valet at your event, please fill out this form and we’ll contact you in a timely manner.