Become a bike hero: join a committee or the TBAG board member Nov. 3

superhero-bike-MR TGet a report of what we’ve been up to all year and get some skin in the game at the annual voting and committee assignment meeting at 5 p.m. Nov. 3 at Boulders on Broadway. RSVP on our Facebook event here.

Since the TBAG board has seen a serious change of members, there has been a lot going on! Make the choice to lead or join one of our fine committees concentrating on a multitude of different areas.

While you’re at it, grab a snack and a beer on us, plus snag some sweet beer specials!

  • Where: Boulders on Broadway
  • When: Sunday, Nov. 3, 5 p.m.
  • Why: Become a bike activist star and spokesman.


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Join the TBAG Tempe General Plan 2040 Advocacy Team

Most cities in the United States create “general plans” to guide future development and investment in their cities. These plans cover issues such housing, parks, and transportation. The City of Tempe is launching its general plan updating process – called “General Plan 2040.” You can learn more here, and to see the last general plan for 2030, visit here. The city will host a variety of public meetings to get feedback from residents about the plan. They will also post draft chapters for public feedback. The city’s bicyclists and pedestrians need a voice in this process.

The first public meetings are being held at the Tempe History Museum – 809 E. Southern Ave, Tempe 85282 on:

September 24th, 5-7pm
January 22, 5-7pm

If you’re interested in joining the TBAG advocacy team, please email me. We will need help to follow the process, attend all of the meetings and review draft documents to insure that the general plan includes a strong emphasis on making the city more bicycle and pedestrian friendly. We will have a meeting (details to come shortly) before the 24th to discuss our TBAG vision and priorities.

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TBAG Report from the National Bike Summit

Tempe Bicycle Action Group was represented this year at the National Bike Summit in Washington D.C. by Robert Chacon and Joe Perez. This year’s event was the biggest turnout to date with 48 states represented and over 800 participants. Arizona also had our largest showing with representatives from all areas of cycling in our state.

We went to the hill and talked with our representatives regarding cycling and the need for funding to keep the progress and momentum going. We may not have changed the world but we showed Washington D.C. that we mean business when it comes to transportation funding specifically as it pertains to cycling.We were able to talk with lots of people from all over the country about cycling issues ranging from how to raise funds for bike programs to how to organize politically to show our local politicians we mean business.

Another thing that was discussed at this year’s summit was the unification of 3 large cycling advocacy organizations League of American Bicyclists, Bikes Belong and Alliance fr Biking and Walking this alliance could prove to be very helpful for cycling.

One of the speakers at a breakout session was the Executive Director of the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition and as he was speaking about the great program that his group was working on in San Diego he mentioned his college years at ASU cycling and how they led him to this place. After the session I had a chance to talk with Andy he expressed that TBAG was also a part of his college experience. We also had a chance to ride around the city and took a group ride with a local shop called Bicycle Space About 100 of us took over the streets of downtown D.C. with music blasting into the night. We were also able to try the Bike Share program in D.C., what a great program can’t wait till we get them here in Arizona. The weather was great the Cherry blossoms were out the museums and monuments are free and bikes are readily available what more can I say.

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TBAG February Board Meeting Minutes

To help keep everyone informed about what TBAG is up to, we will start posting the meeting minutes on this blog. Our board meetings are the second Sunday of each month at 7pm at Boulders on Broadway in the downstairs room. Anyone is welcome at the meetings, even though they are primarily for board member discussion. If you ever want to present something to the board please email

TBAG February 13, 2011 Board Member Meeting Notes

Present: Ashley Lanoue, Ryan Guzy, Ryan Cook, Eric Iwersen, Sam Bollinger, Joe Perez.
Excused: Jeremy Deathrage, Andrew Hamilton, Aaron Golub.
Not excused: Tom T.

Lodestar: Pending grant. 11th ave and jackson. Contact is interested in continued relationship with TBAG. Would like BS or TBAG to show how to wrench (Joey?). Open on days that Rusty Spoke is not open, Saturday.

Events: STWJ, San Tan Brewery doing everything except providing volunteers, which is what we are here for and bike games. Local and can invite local business, sponsors. April 23 12-4. 1000-1500 people. Food to be one of main focus, possible jury food tasters for restaurant competition. TBAG Budget for event: security, port o potties, park fee, tent rentals, and other permits. Cap of $5000. Fundraising goes to Phoenix bike groups and repay TBAG, get at least 2-3000 back. Event idea by Joe: Kevin @ Tribe, bicycle fashion show.

Bike Count: See google docs Bike count folder. Schedule: 7-9am 4-6pm “rush hour” bike times. 45 sites with more suggestions. Online volunteer registration in the works. Operational by March 1st, within first week of March. Office location, Aaron’s office? Prioritize certain intersections (streetcar intersections) if shortage of volunteers. Assistance needed in mapping piece, Eric (City of Tempe) will take care of mapping. Training dates: Training at Transportation Center, Eric to check open dates for training.

Special Projects: Public Art: Eric I. Get involved in large scale public art project with substantial financial commitment. Potential locations already found, board/committee run process of “what is art” “who is artist”. Longevity in community as a message, presence in community, bikes are important. 10-40000 over 3 year process. 6th street park location, more difficult for approval. Easier to partner with neighborhood board.First: draft of call to artists & budget. Set up a donation fund for public art project?

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