Mullet Ride

TBAG Third Fridays presents:

Show your redneck pride! Get out the Aquanet and peroxide and freshen up your do. This month we’re heading over to the glitzy McDowell strip to sample some of the swankiest dives in east Phoenix.

We’ll be a stone’s throw from the light rail our entire route, so if you need to check out early no worries.

What to wear – jean cutoffs, tank tops, western-checked shirts – NO SLEEVES. Show your sweet farmer’s tan, the ladies love this stuff. If you feel like your tresses ain’t golden or curly enough to roll with the best, you can find wigs at places like Fun Services Party Store, Mardi Gras Costumes, or even at your local Goodwill.

MEET at Tempe Beach Park on Friday July 16th at 7:30 p.m. We’ll roll out at 7:45. Bring lights and locks

This is a 21+ event, y’all bring your ID! Also, we’ll be in traffic and it’s real important everybody exercises safe behavior.

Be sure to RSVP to the facebook event here.

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Bike Month Events This Week

While most parts of the country celebrate Bike Month in May, we like to get the wheels rolling early, while the weather is still spectacular. This year, TBAG is involved in a whole host of Bike Month activities. The events are summarized over on our Bike Month 2010 page. Check Tempe in Motion’s page and Valley Metro’s page as well. This week:

Friday, April 2: Ride your bike over to Phoenix First Fridays, then check in at the Bike Valet. I will lead the nine-mile ride from Tempe Beach Park (corner of Mill and Rio Salado) to Phoenix. We’ll roll out by 6 for a leisurely ride there. Be sure to bring lights or plan on taking the light rail back to Tempe. Grab dinner on Mill Ave beforehand, or find something to eat at First Fridays instead.

We’re still looking for volunteers to help run the bike valet, which will run from 5 to 10 pm. Sign up for a valet shift at the end of this post.

Saturday, April 3: Used Bike Drive! Drop off a used bicycle at either Valley REI location, in Tempe or Paradise Valley. See the previous post, below.

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First Friday and Saturday Farmer’s Market and Matt’s Big Breakfast

Sorry for the late notice, but this weekend we’re leading a couple rides into Phoenix. Friday (Tonight!) meet at the Tempe Beach Park entrance at 6:30pm for a ride to First Friday in Phoenix. Saturday we’ll meet at 6am (also at Tempe Beach Park) to head to Matt’s Big Breakfast before the lines get too crazy. From there, we’ll ride over to the Farmer’s Market and then head back to Tempe. Both rides are about 9 miles each way.

Hope to see you there!

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Ride to First Fridays

Sorry for the last-minute notice, but there *will* be a ride to First Fridays tomorrow. Meet up at 6 pm at Tempe Beach Park, with plans to stop by the Rusty Spoke and Radio Phoenix.

And if that isn’t enough, don’t forget the cupcake ride on Saturday at 10 am, also leaving from Tempe Beach Park for an expedition up to Sprinkles in Scottsdale!

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Celebrate the cool(er) evenings with a ride to First Friday art walk- this Friday!

Meet us at 6pm at the corner of 5th and Mill in Tempe for a group ride to downtown Phoenix this Friday evening. We roll out at 6:10.  The route we take is 9 miles each way. Too far for you? Join us for the ride downtown and throw your bike on the Valley Metro Red Line for the return trip.

Let us know you’re coming with a note in the comments. Hope to see you then!

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First Fridays Ride – Back in Action

Everyone, sorry for the hiatus on posts there for a while. Occasionally we get busy. But the good news is, we’ll be having another ride over to downtown Phoenix this Friday, August 1 for the First Fridays Artwalk. We will meet up on the northeast corner of Mill and 5th at 6 pm, just outside of Restaurant Mexico, departing by 6:15. Leave a note in the comments if you plan to come so I know to wait for you.

Also, the cupcake rides will be resuming in about 2 months when the weather starts to cool off. Sprinkles is now open in Scottsdale, so we might have to go and check it out. Feel free to go on advance reconnaissance missions to prepare.

Lastly, in the near future I will also be organizing a Saturday morning ride to the Downtown Phoenix Farmer’s Market, most likely on Saturday, August 23, leaving downtown Tempe at 7 am and returning at approximately 10 am.

Bicycles have been making headlines across the country these days as people worry about gas prices and carbon footprints, which can only mean good news for those of us already on the road.

Keep riding,

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Ride to First Fridays

I will be leading another ride to First Fridays tomorrow at 6 pm. We will meet up at the northeast corner of Mill and 5th Street to ride on over as a group. I think this time we will take Washington Street up until we reach the Grand Canal at 40th, and then we’ll hop onto Roosevelt from the Grand Canal. I’m not sure how long I will be staying, so you’re welcome to hang out with me and ride back fairly early, or make other plans for the return trip (the Red Line bus is often a nice option, but keep in mind that it runs until midnight). As usual, if you’re interested in co-leading this ride in the future, let me know!

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First Fridays Ride to Downtown Phoenix

Hi everyone,

It looks like the ride to Downtown Phoenix is becoming a regular thing! I’ll head up the ride this Friday, starting from 5th Street and Mill Avenue at 6 pm, and traveling along the fast route to Downtown Phoenix. Just so you are aware, I probably won’t stay too long downtown, so it’s worth thinking through your options for the return ride (come back early-ish with me, meet up with friends, put your bike on the Red Line bus). Be sure to bring good lights.

Also, we’re looking for people who might be interested in co-leading this ride in future months–if you’re interested in leading one or several rides, leave a note in the Comments. Also leave a note if you plan on coming and want to make sure we wait for you.

Lastly, stay tuned for a blog update on the outcomes from our recent Membership Meeting.

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Another First Fridays Ride is Upon Us!

March 7 is another First Friday!

Join TBAG for a leisurely ride to Phoenix’s First Friday art walk.

We will gather at Mill Ave. and 5th Street at 6 pm to ride over, and will try to be underway by 6:10 to bike to downtown PHX. I will have to return somewhat early, but depending on who is interested we can organize a later return group as well. Be sure to bring lights, as the sun goes down at 6:30!

The route this time will be a little bit different than before and is slightly shorter (9.3 miles, see map below).

If you are planning on coming, please leave a note in the Comments so I know to expect you.

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Ride to Phoenix’s First Friday Art Walk

February 1st is First Friday!

Join TBAG for a leisurely ride to Phoenix’s First Friday art walk.

We will gather at The Plaid Eatery (1044 S Terrace Rd in Tempe) beginning at 5pm – join us when you can. If you’re interested, Plaid is a great place to grab a bite to eat before our ride. We will leave promptly at 6pm to bike to downtown PHX. We can return as a group if people desire, or people are welcome to ride home on their own schedule.

We’ve done this in the past and it’s been great. Join us!

The ride is approximately 12 miles each direction.

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