Tempe bike community needs you!


UPDATED: email your city council

Support proposed local bike infrastructure such as green bike lanes and traffic slowing medians by emailing the Tempe City Council at councilcommunicator@tempe.gov

Businesses hoping to dissuade the council from going forward with some of these changes have been meeting with your city leaders. Make sure their voices aren’t the only ones heard.

Online public comment on the city’s forum has closed, but you still have time to contact your city leaders directly by emailing councilcommunicator@tempe.gov.

Want to post your support but don’t know what to say? Here’s a few lines you can simply copy and paste;

  • Thank you for adding green bike lanes to Tempe, they are greatly needed!

  • Please continue to go forward with all median plans. They will help keep traffic from colliding with cyclists on the roadways.

  • Please install a stoplight at Roosevelt and Farmer, this will help cars, bikes and pedestrians safely cross, rather than forcing us to play frogger in traffic.

(From previous TBAG post)

The city of Tempe is introducing plans that help you and your fellow two-wheeled friends to more easily and safely commute through Tempe. These plans could have a great impact not only on the safety of the roadways, but also in the beautification of our city… that is, if the city continues to hear from YOU!

Bike lane modifications, medians and other proposed changes are being fought by some who may not understand what it’s like to cycle in traffic with little to no bike infrastructure. Don’t let the proposed plans fall by the wayside. Join in on meetings, email your city leaders and let Tempe know that the growing bike community demands safer, bike-friendly streets.

Thanks to those of you who joined the University/Hardy Drive Screetscape Project open house, the Broadway Road Screetscape meeting and every one who has been submitting comments and statements on behalf of bike Tempe cyclists.

Be seen. Be heard. Be a bike champion in Tempe!

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Upcoming Public Meeting – Broadway Streetscape – Monday, Feb 25, 6pm

The city of Tempe is holding a public meeting to talk with residents, neighbors and businesses about a project to improve pedestrian and bicycle facilities while enhancing the streetscape on Broadway Road between Mill Avenue and Rural Road.

Click here for more information on the Broadway Road Streetscape Project.

Let’s show up and represent the cycling community!

Time and Location: Feb. 25 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at Community Christian Church, 1701 S. College Ave.

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Kick-Off Meeting for Hardy Dr. Streetscape Project – May 23, 6pm Westside Multi-Gen Center

Attention TBAG advocates! The city of Tempe is holding an open house to talk about a project to improve pedestrian and bicycle facilities and enhance the streetscape on Hardy Drive between University Drive and Broadway Road. The open house will be held Wednesday, May 23 from 6 – 7:30 p.m. at the Dennis J. Cahill Senior Center in the Westside Multi-Gen Center, 715 W. 5th St., Tempe.

Discussion at the meeting will include:
• Gathering input from residents, businesses and organizations along the Hardy Drive corridor on potential design elements
• Updating the public about the project process and timeline

See the City of Tempe website for more detail and a link to submit comments on the project.

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Link the Lake Memorial Ride – Sat Dec 4th

Join fellow cyclists and cycling organizations, who will be riding from different Valley locations to Tempe Town Lake to demonstrate support for legislative change towards improving cycling safety, simpler law/legal enforcement, and honoring cyclists lost and injured in 2010 – like Jay Fretz of Tempe. Donations towards the event will go to help Jay’s wife and daughter. More information can be found at the Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=153406971363892 and at http://www.notonemorecyclist.com/

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Excellent post from TusconBikeLawyer.com

Erik Ryberg’s blog, TusconBikeLawyer.com should be on every cyclist’s daily visit list. I wanted to share one recent post in particular with everyone here in the Valley. In “You want to get a ticket or dontcha” Erik discusses what he sees are serious shortcomings in the Tuscon Police Department’s policies toward bicyclists who have been involved in a collision with a motor vehicle. In the absence of a serious injury to the cyclist Erik warns of the consequences of a report not being taken by the police. Erik states:

If the officer determines the cyclist was at fault, he will then often give the cyclist a choice: you can leave here and forget about all this, or you can stay and get a ticket. Which do you pick?

Erik’s post tells the full story, but the moral is, always request a report be filed even if the officers determine you were at fault and “Take the Ticket” as it can be immensely helpful to your legal case! Read Erik’s post here.

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