Three AZ cities receive top-20 status as America’s Top Bike-Friendly Cities

Way to go, Arizona! Three AZ cycling communities received top-20 status as BICYCLING Magazine’s “America’s Top Bike-Friendly Cities”: Tucson, Scottsdale and, of course, Tempe. It’s an honor to get a mention as long strides have been taken by these cities to build momentum in cycling advocacy.

But totally snubbed: FLAGSTAFF… wut? Let us know your thoughts.

Check out the complete rundown at (heads up – the article loads one page at a time for 50 entries. Get some coffee.)

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Excellent post from

Erik Ryberg’s blog, should be on every cyclist’s daily visit list. I wanted to share one recent post in particular with everyone here in the Valley. In “You want to get a ticket or dontcha” Erik discusses what he sees are serious shortcomings in the Tuscon Police Department’s policies toward bicyclists who have been involved in a collision with a motor vehicle. In the absence of a serious injury to the cyclist Erik warns of the consequences of a report not being taken by the police. Erik states:

If the officer determines the cyclist was at fault, he will then often give the cyclist a choice: you can leave here and forget about all this, or you can stay and get a ticket. Which do you pick?

Erik’s post tells the full story, but the moral is, always request a report be filed even if the officers determine you were at fault and “Take the Ticket” as it can be immensely helpful to your legal case! Read Erik’s post here.

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Tucson Bike-Thru Banking

TBAG’s own lawyer, the Tucson Bike Lawyer, has a post today about an Arizona State Credit Union location in Tucson that has a bike-thru window!:

…this bank features a lane designated specifically for bikes that is too narrow for cars to fit through. I inquired about the window with the info desk, and apparently it has existed since the opening of the credit union four years ago. The woman told me that feedback on the bike window has been overwhelmingly positive.

The credit union deserves applause for going beyond the standard bicycle accommodations (bike racks, etc) to make their business bicycle friendly. The Arizona State Credit Union has locations in Tempe/PHX…what are the chances that we’ll be getting bike-thru banking too?

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