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We’re having our Annual Meeting on Nov 20th @ 7pm at Boulders on Broadway. This week we’re doing a series of blog posts about each committee, their goals, and what you can do to help.

TBAG Events Committee

The TBAG Events Committee produces and promotes public activities throughout the year that encourage bicycling. Events reach audiences from as small as four to as large as 10,000 people. Events committee needs people to make events happen: Production, Promotion, Management, Logistics, Set-up, Operation and Teardown.

Committee Chairs: Ryan Guzy ( and Joe Perez (

2011 Accomplishments:
Sponsored lunch for Phoenix Bike Summit – March
Bike Valet at Tempe Beer Fest – March
Bike to Work Day in Tempe and Phoenix – April
SanTan Wheelie Jam. Organized, funded, and ran this first year event – April
Bike to Baseball bike valet – April
Summer solstice swimsuit ride – July
Bike Valet at the Tempe Octoberfest – Oct
Tour de Fat Week Events. Rides, raffles, promotions – Oct
Tour de Fat. Planning, logistics, volunteer coordination, management – Oct
Tour de Tempe. setup, ride leaders, and teardown – Oct
Film Screening. With My Own Two Wheels, Contested Streets – Nov

2012 Goals:

1. Create a PR and social media team to promote our events and events organized by our partners. Completion Date: Dec 31st 2011
2. For big events – create teams to focus on managing an area over multiple events. Completion Date: Dec 31st 2011
3. Improve SanTan Wheelie Jam. This is our opportunity to involve local sponsors and to work with more non-profit groups. This will get bigger and better every year. Completion Date: April 2012
4. Continue building on the success of Tour de Fat. Increase pre-show and especially week-of events and rides. Continue working with the local Rangers on these activities and PR.
5. Add small and fun events, raffles, rides, movies, etc. Dec 31st 2011

Help Wanted:

Event Planners
This team will work on choosing dates, securing locations, working on permits, and coordinating with sponsors and other organizations.

PR and Social Media
All events need PR and social media presence. Events don’t happen unless people are invited and feel welcome. TBAG doesn’t have a large advertising budget so creativity is key. If you have put on an event for another organization, you’re ready to put on an event for TBAG or help us put on one of the larger events like SanTan Wheelie Jam or Tour de Fat.

Volunteer Coordinators
The success of an event is directly related to volunteer efforts. Each event requires a dedicated person who wants to see TBAG succeed and host a great event. Some events can be run by one person and other events require 350 or more volunteers.

Event Managers
All events need managers at the event to be in charge of the volunteer teams and to make sure their areas are run effectively. This person will be a good leader and good at organizing people.

Event Staff
This team will coordinate moving equipment, running setup and teardown, and work with vendors and managers at the event.

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