is an online community (completely free) where individual cyclists and teams (groups of cyclists) compete against each other to rack up mileages all in the name of fun. They even go so far as to form leagues to have multi-team challenges. If anyone is interested in participating in a TBAG team, I’ve created one and will be logging my mileage (mostly work commutes and bike rides with the dogs) to the team. If enough are interested and participate we should consider joining a league for a little friendly competition with other teams. Below is a short blurb from the site and you can read more at Once you’re registered email your username to tom at and I’ll invite you to join the TBAG group.

Welcome to Greenlight, your portal to a world of cycling, competition and community. Part online game, part real-world sport, Greenlight transforms your ordinary commute into a high-stakes scramble to rack miles and leave your rivals grinding their granny gears. Whether you want to set new personal goals or team up with others to conquer the world, Greenlight helps you do it—one ride at a time.

The description makes it sound like it’s geared towards competitive cyclists or commuters but mileage is mileage, so if you only hop on your cruiser once a week to pedal around the local park it’s still cycling and you can add your mileage to the team.