Help the University Street Project Online!

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The University Drive Streetscape project is in danger of being drastically scaled back. Please go to this site and click on University Drive Streetscape Project. Post your support for ALL aspects of the project including traffic calming, median islands with turn pockets, improved bike lanes and sidewalks, and street crossings at Roosevelt and Farmer. Help improve University Drive for all types of traffic, and make Tempe a better place to live!

2 thoughts on “Help the University Street Project Online!

  1. Why is the project in danger of being scaled back? Who is trying to scale it back, the City of Tempe, or the feds? How will it be getting scaled back, relative to the presented preferred design concept? It’s hard to comment substantively without more information.

  2. A few of the business owners on University want to eliminate the traffic calming aspect by eliminating the medians. Other business owners and residents support having the medians. We want to make sure that the City of Tempe hears the support.

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