Help Wanted: Tour de Fat Volunteers

Hey everybody, the annual New Belgium Tour de Fat is coming up soon, on Saturday, October 9th this year. The event is run entirely by volunteers and all proceeds go directly to the Tempe Bicycle Action Group, Bike Saviours Bicycle Collective, the Mountain Bike Association of Arizona, and the Central Arizona Mountain Bike Patrol.

The event in Tempe is one of the largest on New Belgium’s tour. We drew over 10,000 people last year, and we need to have enough volunteers to ensure that the event goes smoothly. Each volunteer will receive:

Free beer tokens
A volunteer t-shirt
Access to an area set aside for volunteers
and that warm snuggly feeling you get from helping people celebrate bikes

It will be awesome!

To sign up to volunteer, go to:

NEW! We are especially looking for groups of people to sign up as TEAMS. Teams will work together at a station whenever possible, and will be recognized on a volunteer appreciation banner. Team theme costumes are strongly encouraged, and there will be a prize awarded for the best team costume. If you would like to create a team and be a Team Leader, go to:

Please help to spread the word!

5 thoughts on “Help Wanted: Tour de Fat Volunteers

  1. So far, we’ve got 47 people signed up, and we’re looking for closer to 200. Show some bike love and get your friends, coworkers, and family signed up to volunteer, too!

  2. Are the t-shirts cotton or synthetic. The correct answer might persuade me to sign up myself and a few dozen others….

  3. The t-shirts are from American Apparel, and I believe they will be bamboo this year. Last year, they were cotton, the year before that, they were bamboo. I couldn’t get total confirmation, but that’s what I know. TBAG will have t-shirts as well that are 100% cotton.

  4. Are there any age restrictions for volunteering? Also, I am a journalism student writing about urban cycling in Tempe and would love the chance to cover this event and take some photos. Is there someone in charge I could interview for a blog story? Thanks so much!

  5. You have to be 19 to serve alcohol in AZ, but we have other jobs for people who are not legal age or do not want to serve alcohol.

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