Hit and Run in Gilbert

Please be on the lookout for a Silver Nissan Versa (2007 or 2008 model, unsure if sedan or hatchback) with damage to passenger side mirror and possibly scratches on passenger side of vehicle. Do not approach driver, simply record license plate, call Gilbert Police at 480-503-6500 and reference Officer J. Halliday (Badge #2144) and the accident involving Carol Winstanley on 25 March 2009 on Guadalupe Road in Gilbert. Carol was severely injured.

For more details please read TucsonBikeLawyer’s blog post.

4 thoughts on “Hit and Run in Gilbert

  1. 6 days latter?
    An amber alert goes out that hour, I am guessing we are trying to mimic the lack of penalties placed on bad motorists or the lack of laws to protect anyone not in a motor vehicle?
    Here is the AZ central report? No report of a hit run, good thing they got that she was wearing a helmet. I love how “car strikes bicyclist”, some how they drive themselves maybe that is why the car didn’t stop?.

    Not even a reckless driving or failure to yield to a pedestrian in a cross walk.

    Hope they find the coward who ran away. I have been almost run over twice head on in the last 30 days.
    Of course what is considered safe by many motorists, may reflect only how safe they’re going to be, and not how safe someone else is going to be by their actions. This lack of concern is backed up by most of our law enforcement, media, public, and politicians.
    How safe do I feel?

  2. NYC city has a lot of people worked up and it does little good not to mention lots of peds and cyclist.

    I think we need a federal level of protection.

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