Tempe Bicycle Action Group’s new Bike Racks program has been a hit with businesses.  We approached Cornish Pasty in Tempe, Tops Liquors (home of Taste of Tops), Cartel Coffee Labs, and Handlebar, and no one said they didn’t want a bike rack.  The deal is that we get well made but inexpensive racks at our cost, and deliver and install them for next to nothing.

After the initial success of this project, we’re ready to move on to Phase II:  Install Racks Everywhere.  We need your help.  Do you have a favorite business that just does not have a good bike rack, or needs more racks?  TBAG can help.  Talk to the owner and ask him or her to let us help them get a rack installed.  Set up a meeting and scrottie@biketempe.org will get you someone else in TBAG to go to the meeting with you so you aren’t alone.

We also need people to go to these (and other locations) to offer our services:

  • Filmbar in Phoenix
  • Solo Cafe
  • Long Wongs on Apache
  • Oreganos on Mill
  • Sprouts
  • Flavor on Mill
  • The Vine
  • Crescent Ballroom

http://azcrap.org/racks_pamphlet.pdf has program details.  You can print that out and show it to business owners.  Want to help with Phase II?  Email me.

6 Responses to “Know a Place That Needs a Bike Rack? TBAG Can Help!”
  1. Mike says:

    What about grocery stores? Tempe only?

  2. trisha says:

    Luci’s Healthy Marketplace – 16th street & Bethany Home in Phoenix

  3. trisha says:

    Luci’s Healthy Marketplace – 16th street & Bethany Home

  4. Kevin says:

    The link to the pdf seems to be dead. Do you have an updated link to this information?


  5. I’ve convinced my landlord (Robert and Hazel Wooden) to pay for a bike rack for our office complex. We are at 3200 S Rural Rd, STE 1 Tempe, AZ 85282 We are frequented by people that ride in to the office. The bus stop is outside our office, so those folks riding and biking come in frequently, too. Please help me with getting a bike rack! Thanks.

  6. J Orlov says:

    Tempe Community Acupuncture at 2121 S Priest Dr. #110 Tempe 85202

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