Light Rail has arrived!

By now some of you have had the opportunity ride the light rail, and some of you with your bicycles. I personally have encountered standing room only trains and trains with more than a handful of empty seats. I have taken my bicycle on twice and had to stand at the doors with my bike both times as folks were sitting underneath the bicycle racks. I have watched kids cumbersomely hang (youtube video showing how to hang your bike) their BMX bikes from the racks. I have encountered folks of many ages, races and socio-economic backgrounds. What we have all yet to do, however, is pay to ride. At 4:40am on January 1 fares go into effect. Those of you who plan on riding regularly should be aware of a public hearing on January 7th, 5:30pm at the Tempe Transportation Center to discuss proposed fare increases of up to $1.00 on single ride passes as well as increases on all-day and multi-day passes. The fare increases could go into effect by July 2009. Interested parties should attend in person or submit comments on fare increases via one of the following methods:

Email comments to
Customer Service will accept comments at 602-253-5000
Written comments can be sent to:
Valley Metro RPTA
Attn: Fare Program Manager
302 N. 1st Ave. Ste. 700
Phoenix, AZ 85003

Should anyone wish to discuss their light rail experience I have added a Light Rail specific forum.

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