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Great news in the cycling community! ASU recently hired a new Director for the Geography and Urban Planning School (SGSUP: https://geoplan.asu.edu). The new Director is Trisalyn Nelson and she just happens to run a little concern named BikeMaps.org.

BikeMaps.org “maps your cycling experience to make biking safer. You know your local cycling trouble spots and we want you to map them. Your knowledge of cycling safety, hazards, and even bike thefts will be analyzed using GIS and statistics to identify hot spots of cycling safety, risk, and crime.”  This is a 100% crowd-sourced data set that incorporates Strava and GIS data to map events. BikeMaps.org allows cyclists to make data informed decisions about cycling while providing crash, near-miss and hazard information in real time using the iPhone or Android app.

BikeMaps is also looking for a title city for 2017 – We at T.B.A.G think that Tempe is a perfect candidate. Try BikeMaps.org and tell T.B.A.G. how you think these data will help improve cycling.

Download the app:






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