Call for Volunteers – Two Remaining Events

Bike Month has been very successful so far, the first set of events went very well thanks to the people that volunteered. We are still in need of volunteers for two of our major bike month events.

1. Bike to Work and School Day – Thursday 4/22

The first event that we need volunteers for is the City of Tempe’s Bike to Work and School Day on Thursday 4/22. We need representatives at as many of the free breakfast locations as possible (click the link for the list of locations).

You will be there to hand out fliers, stickers, and information on safe and efficient bike commuting that we will provide to you prior to the event. After breakfast you will also be the group ride leader from these locations to the Tempe Transit Center where we will have a TBAG table set up with more resources.

This event reaches bike commuters and potential bike commuters, it is key in our efforts to promote cycling a viable transportation option in the valley.

Click here to volunteer for this event. Fill out the form and check the box Thur 4/22 – Commuter Bike to Work & School Day – Ride Leader we will contact volunteers prior to the event to coordinate locations and materials.

2. Valley Metro Great Bike Chase – Sunday 4/25

The second event that we need volunteers for is the Valley Metro Great Bike Chase on Sunday 4/25. The Bike Chase is a family fun ride from Hance Park to Chase Field that includes tickets to a Diamondbacks game vs. the Phillys.

As a volunteer at this event you will assist as ride marshals along the 4.3 mile route, making sure all attendees have a safe and enjoyable ride. We also need volunteers to help with bike valet parking at the Jefferson Street Parking Garage near Chase Field. You will assist people with parking their own bikes on the way into the game, and help match tagged bikes with their owners on the way out. All volunteers will get free tickets to the game, however we will need some volunteers to stay and help keep an eye on the bikes, let us know if you can help us with this as well.

This event is primarily a family event, it promotes cycling among families and children, helps them learn to ride safely, and shows them that cycling is fun.

Click here to volunteer for this event. Fill out the form and check either or both of the boxes: Sun 4/25 – Great Bike Chase – Ride Marshall and/or Sun 4/25 – Great Bike Chase – Bike Valet

Thanks again to all of our great volunteers, you are what make TBAG events successful, helping to promote cycling as a safe, convenient, and fun form of transportation and recreation.

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Mariposa Bike Rodeos a Tremendous Success

This morning, a fantastic team of TBAG volunteers and more got together to host a bicycling event at Kyrene de la Mariposa, a kindergarten through fifth-grade school that is a pilot school for introducing Safe Routes to School in the Phoenix area. We don’t have a final count on how many kids participated, but a lot of folks turned out and the event was a whole lot of fun for everyone involved.

Volunteers first helped to set up two bike rodeo courses, one for the younger kids and one for the older kids. Meanwhile, the kids completed a fun run around the school and surrounding park. When the kids returned, they got fitted for new helmets and had a chance to embellish them with all kinds of fun decorations. My personal favorites were a girl who attached a small turtle to her helmet, very much like the turtle on the helmet of TBAG board member Ryan, and another girl who added a pink hippopotamus and a mini-bouquet of roses to hers.

Once the kids were helmeted, they headed over to the bike rodeo courses to practice important safety concepts that they need to know to ride on roadways. I helped guide the kindergarten through third grade kids through practice with leaving the driveway, using hand signals, riding straight while looking back, stopping quickly, avoiding dangerous dogs, and dodging roadway debris. The kids had such a great time they were begging to repeat and practice the exercises.

After the safety rodeos, everyone was ready to put their skills to the test, so we reassembled for a short bike ride. Ryan, riding a tallbike, led the ride, and it was incredible to see so many kids forming a huge bicycling parade. Upon returning to the school, we held a raffle for two kids’ bicycles donated by REI, and gave prizes to the kids for completing the ride and safety events.

The whole event was a great lead-up to our next planned event at the school, on Earth Day, April 22, which is Bike to Work and School Day, where we’ll be encouraging families and kids to ride on in to school!

Many thanks to all of our TBAG volunteers, who helped make the event a tremendous success in so many ways, to the City of Tempe for organizational and logistical help, to Ariel Rodriguez and his team of Recreational Programming students from Arizona State University, and to the parents and staff of Kyrene de la Mariposa for supporting the event.

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Bike Month This Week: Sat 4/10 & Sun 4/11

Sat 4/10: 9a-12:30p Mariposa IronKids
Kyrene de la Mariposa School (K-6) | Location: 50 E. Knox Rd., map:*VcwP
Event Details:
2 Mile Walk/Run
2 Mile Fun Ride, w/ decorated helmets & bikes (theme: EarthDay)
Bike Safety Rodeo:
& DIY Silkscreening
help us teach kids safe cycling in a car-free Bike Rodeo setting.
Volunteer Sign-up
For additional questions please contact:
Sam | | (602)316-6536
Tanya | | (480)250-5181

Sun 4/11: Cycle the Arts (w/ Free Bike Valet)
Event Times: (registration)8:30a – 10a
Bike Valet: 10a-12:30p @ the Art Museum
Additional Event Info:
goto: (click: Bikeways)
Valet Volunteers:
We just need 2 volunteers for this short & sweet mini-bike valet. Please contact: sam@biketempe | (602)316-6536

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Bike Month Volunteer Opportunities

TBAG is looking for you to get involved this Bike Month. The community is our strongest asset for making Bike Month a success, and for getting more people out riding bicycles safely in general. We could really use your help for a number of events – head on over to the Bike Month 2010 page to learn about what’s going on, and how you can help promote bicycling in and around Tempe. And thank you in advance for making a difference in your community!

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Bike Month Events This Week

While most parts of the country celebrate Bike Month in May, we like to get the wheels rolling early, while the weather is still spectacular. This year, TBAG is involved in a whole host of Bike Month activities. The events are summarized over on our Bike Month 2010 page. Check Tempe in Motion’s page and Valley Metro’s page as well. This week:

Friday, April 2: Ride your bike over to Phoenix First Fridays, then check in at the Bike Valet. I will lead the nine-mile ride from Tempe Beach Park (corner of Mill and Rio Salado) to Phoenix. We’ll roll out by 6 for a leisurely ride there. Be sure to bring lights or plan on taking the light rail back to Tempe. Grab dinner on Mill Ave beforehand, or find something to eat at First Fridays instead.

We’re still looking for volunteers to help run the bike valet, which will run from 5 to 10 pm. Sign up for a valet shift at the end of this post.

Saturday, April 3: Used Bike Drive! Drop off a used bicycle at either Valley REI location, in Tempe or Paradise Valley. See the previous post, below.

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Used Bike Donation Drive

Recycle that old bike! Volunteers from Bike Saviours, Rusty Spoke, and Tempe Bicycle Action Group, with the support of both valley REI locations, will be accepting donations of used bikes and bike parts. All three orgs. are 501(c)3 nonprofits and donations are tax-deductable. Donated bikes and parts will benefit Bike Saviours and Rusty Spoke, local community based non-profit bike programs that teach anyone to build and maintain their own bike. REI will also be giving a 15% off coupon to each person who donates.

Saturday April 3rd, 9am-4pm
REI Tempe and Paradise Valley

Bike Saviours Info

Tempe REI Event Page

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Bicycle Valet Volunteers, WILL YOU HELP out on next Friday? April 2 in Phoenix at First Friday

Roosevelt Row and TBAG are teaming up to valet bicycles at First Friday !!
Lots of people bicycle to First Fridays and Bicycle Valet will be the best place to park their bikes. PLUS vendors are offering discounts to people who valet !! Call Joe Perez (602) 531-4985 to sign up or

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HAWKs Spotted in Tempe!

As described in an earlier update, the City of Tempe has been wrapping up construction along the Western Canal. Part of the Canal development has included the installation of two HAWK signals, the first such signals in Tempe. HAWK stands for High-Intensity Activated CrossWalk, and is a style of road crossing developed in Tucson. See this page for information about HAWKs, as well as the other specialized crossings found in Tucson.

The two crossings in Tempe are located on Rural Road at the Western Canal, and on McClintock Drive at the canal. The City is providing a pamphlet that describes how the HAWK signals work, available through the Tempe In Motion website, and wants to spread the word as much as possible. If you have had experiences with either of these crossings and would like to share, feel free to leave comments here. We’d love to hear if these seem like an effective system for making canal crossings safer and more efficient, and if we should be encouraging more Phoenix-area municipalities to install them.

From a bicyclist or pedestrian standpoint, the crossings change to a “walk” signal within a few seconds of pressing the button, and are designed to force cars to slow down and stop whenever someone needs to cross the street. At other times, they allow cars to pass through freely.

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To Market!

Spring is well underway, so it’s time for another expedition to the farmer’s market! This will be a leisurely ride down to the Phoenix Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning. Let me know if you think you’ll be there.

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