Tempe Tweed Ride 2

Tempe Bicycle Action Group will host a Social gathering of Cyclists this Third Friday of February.

Don your most dapper casuals for the return of the Tweed Ride, an evening adventure.

From Tempe Beach Park at Rio Salado & Mill Avenue we’ll have a wee tour of Mill Ave and begin our evening at Robbie Fox’s Public House. Robbie & Mike have offered draughts to our group at a Dollar off. From there we’ll turn our wheels t’ward Boulders On Broadway, one of Tempe’s most bicycle-friendly restaurants.

Then, for those brave and bold, a fair steeple-chase up and about the Green Belt where we shall arrive at last upon the British Open Pub for a final pint and a basket of English Wallys.

Proper attire is most important; may we suggest your favorite woolens – skirts, capes, and shawls for the ladies and jackets, vests, caps, and of course knickers for the gents.

On the hunt for Tweed and for fashion ideas? Here are some articles that may inspire the curious:
Catcubed | A Tweed Primer
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London Fixed Gear and Single-Speed Tweed Ride 2009-01-24 Sat – The Tweed Run
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So buff your leather, brush your corduroy, and hitch your chequered stockings… but remember TWEED is KING!

Brought to you by TBAG Third Fridays

Third Friday Festivus Ride 12/17

Happy ChristmaHannaKwanzaStice…

Holidays got you confused? Us too. Whether Humanist or Hedonist, come drown your perplexities and unbury your hard feelings with a stern airing of grievances over a friendly pint.

Join us, as always, at the entrance to Tempe Beach Park at 7:30 on Friday the 17th.

Bring – LIGHTS! LOCKS! ID! Hot Cocoa! And a list of demands!!

TBAG + Bike Saviours Holiday BBQ & Winter Games 2 Sat. 12/11

How long has it been since you got knocked off a tall bike?

This Saturday, December 11th TBAG is bringing back the WINTER GAMES. It’s a celebration of bikes, community, fun, and just a great excuse to do stupid things on dangerous machines.

We also celebrate Bicycle Saviours‘ anniversary. The Tempe-founded cooperative built a lot of the bikes and machines we’ll be using in the Games plus they’re responsible for providing the tools, parts, and education that put so many two-wheelers back into regular use in Tempe. You can find out more about Bike Saviours co-op here.

Ride your bike out to Daley Park and enjoy some free food & New Belgium (w/ ID) and get into some crazy & competitive stunts.

Remember – Saturday the 11th, starts at 2 pm.
All cyclists are invited, please RSVP to the facebook event

Link the Lake Memorial Ride – Sat Dec 4th

Join fellow cyclists and cycling organizations, who will be riding from different Valley locations to Tempe Town Lake to demonstrate support for legislative change towards improving cycling safety, simpler law/legal enforcement, and honoring cyclists lost and injured in 2010 – like Jay Fretz of Tempe. Donations towards the event will go to help Jay’s wife and daughter. More information can be found at the Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=153406971363892 and at http://www.notonemorecyclist.com/

TBAG Annual Meeting Recap

At the TBAG annual meeting on Nov 7th we kicked off the planning for 2011, formed the member committees, and elected the board.

Now that we have a vision of what we want to accomplish in 2011, we need more people to help with the detailed planning for these committees and work on them throughout the year. Below you’ll find a list of the committees and who is heading them up, please email the project leaders if you can help:

AdvocacyAaron Golub and Ryan Cook – Work with the City of Tempe, CIty of Phoenix and State of Arizona governments to advocate for bicycle facilities, bicycle related policy, and other governmental issues related to bicyclists.

Events and Rider FacilitationRyan Guzy and Joe Perez – Set the dates and budget for each event and then plan and staff each event. We will also work on rider facilitation this year such as a bike rack program and the bike friendly business program.

Social RidesJeremy Deatherage – Fun rides including the monthly Third Friday Ride. Plan these rides, their destinations, and get the word out.

Adult EducationTom Tomczyk, Marcus Wirthgen and Ashley Lanoue (ASU Liaison) – Educate cyclists on safe and effective cycling, get more people certified as cycling instructors, work with ASU on cyclist education and awareness programs.

Bike CountSam Bollinger – Count cyclists at key points in Tempe, and eventually, around the valley. This will be the key to many of our advocacy efforts in the coming years. We need these hard numbers when we are working with Government and other organizations to show them the impact cycling has in our community.

Youth Programs – Leader needed! – Work with local schools and youth groups to teach safe cycling to the youth. We have partnerships in place to work on these programs. We need someone to champion this committee. Please contact sam@biketempe.org if you can help.

Fundraising and Grants – Andrew Hamilton and Eric Iverson – Work on grant applications and contacting organizations and foundations to increase fundraising sources. Plan more yearly fundraising events.

Board Election

Three new board members were also elected to the TBAG board. They are: Ashley Lanoue, Andrew Hamilton, and Ryan Cook. Congratulations guys!

Keep an eye on this blog over the next few weeks and join a committee meeting or two. We’ll be working on the detailed planning for 2011 and we’ll use the blog to keep you up to date.

TBAG Announces Formation of the A-Team

At the Annual Member Meeting on November 7, the TBAG board took a few minutes to recognize all of TBAG members, past and present, who have contributed to making TBAG’s efforts a success. These are the folks who have made it possible for TBAG to: get operations up and running, host multiple bike valets; hold monthly Third Fridays social rides and other social events; run bike safety rodeos for groups of schoolkids; provide input to local transportation planning efforts; make the state government aware of our bicycling interests and needs; help install ghost bikes; provide all sorts of safety educational material; help out other local bicycling nonprofits; and, of course, throw one of the awesomest bike parties in Arizona, the Tempe Tour de Fat.

Congratulations and thank you to all who have been recognized in 2010.

2010 A-Team
Myko Aguilar
Ben Bahn
Boulders on Broadway
Ann Chanecka
Tanya Chavez
Ryan Cook
Chris Crosby
Kate Darby
Kristi Diller
Mark Eastwood
Chris George
Payj Gibbons
Ben Goren
Jenn Guzy
Rebecca Hale
Andrew Hamilton
Allison Karow
Stan Klonowski
Ashley Lanoue
Patrick Leahy
Adam Lock
Michael Loveland
Erica Lucci
Devlin Madai
Ryan Meyer
Mark Neff
Scott Nowicki
John Romero
Vee Subramanian
Scott Walters
Ziggy Zimmerman

TBAG Third Fridays Harvest Ride

At last, cooler temperatures are upon us. In tribute to the harvest season, this month’s Third Friday Ride will be a swift but easy sojourn to a variety of cozy lodges and pubs where we’ll enjoy the best seasonal ales. A full week before the Thanksgiving holiday, this will be the best opportunituy to enjoy Arizona’s incredible Autumn weather with friends. Join us at Tempe Beach Park, Friday November 19th at 7:30 p.m. Check Facebook for updates. Don’t forget: Lights & Locks!!