A Second Bicyclist Fatality

We have received word of a second bicyclist fatality, and would like to request any and all help in spreading the word and gathering relevant information about the accident. This accident has not yet received any media coverage. On Monday, May 17, at roughly 6:30 pm, Jay Fretz was at the intersection of Alameda and McClintock where he was struck by an SUV driver who did not see him. He was pronounced DOA at the hospital. He is survived by his wife and five-year-old daughter.

Update: We sent out a press release and got some media coverage for both incidents including an article on azcentral and ABC 15. The family along with TBAG and Bike Saviours are installing a ghost bike in memory of Jay this weekend. Meet at Bike Saviours at 10am on Saturday May 29th. We’ll ride to to the site of the accident at Alameda and McClintock. Here are a few shots of the ghost bike preparations:

Ghost 1
Ghost 2
Ghost 3

Click here for more photos of the ghost bike by Ryan Guzy

We will update this post again after the memorial.

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Tempe’s First Ghost Bike Installed

On Monday, May 10, 2010, a bicyclist named Chris Volpe was struck by a motorist at the intersection of University and Ash, and was killed. In the face of this tragic event, members of the Tempe bicycling community gathered together with members of Chris’s family to prepare and install a ghost bike at the intersection. As described on their website, ghosbikes.org, ghost bikes are intended to be small, somber memorials for bicyclists who are killed or hit on the street.

Photograph courtesy of Patrick Leahy at http://patrickleahy.smugmug.com/

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Bikin’ to the Drive-In!

Movie Lovers! Bike Riders! We know how much you love doing your two favorite things.

No longer will you have to balance that heavy film projector on your handle bars. No more extension cords & generators needed for your Blu-Ray player & flat panel! Hey, you don’t even have to watch the movie alone as you would on other lonely Friday nights!

Thats’ right, it’s time for another TBAG 3rd Friday BIKE to the DRIVE-IN!

Eyes straining to enjoy the tiny lcd on your iPhone? Why, they’ve got screens, big as a house! And no less tham 6 of ’em for crying out loud!

Sound? Only the highest quality, stereo reproduction – on your very own portable FM radio! YOU DECIDE how loud!

Forget about the RedBox, these guys give you TWO movies for the price of ONE!

At Tempe Beach Park, 6:30 pm on Friday May 21st. We ride at 7 pm, first showtime is at 8.

The ride is a short 3.5 mile easy cruise to the West Wind Scottsdale 6, located at 8101 E McKellips in Scottsdale.

Stick around for both movies or only one, riders will be escorted back to Tempe after the credits roll.

What to bring: A BIKE, a blanket (trust us, it gets cold out there after dark), Lights, Cash, and an FM Radio.

What to leave: Flip flops, pets, crying children, and petrol-guzzling engines!

Recommended extras: A tire patch kit & pump, a beachball or frisbee, camp chair, footie pajamas, water. Whatever else you want to pack!

We ALWAYS get asked the question, “What’s showing?” The answer is – don’t worry, we’ll decide when we get there! Remember, this ride is more about the fun of being on a bike at the movies and having a great time. After all, the best drive-in movies are the corniest, right? But if you’re burning to know… check westwinddriveins.com for the latest updates. We’ll throw some ideas out there as we get closer.

See you then!

Something we learned from past rides and would be good to consider this time – gather the admission money before arriving and have one person pay. This will save a huge amount of time for all to get through the box office!

Update! Here are the showtimes for Friday, May 21, 2010

Double Features (all shows start at 8:15):
Shrek Forever After (PG) w/ How to Train Your Dragon (PG)

MacGruber (R) w/ A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) (R)

Iron Man 2 (PG-13) w/ How to Train Your Dragon (PG)

Letters to Juliet (PG) w/ Date Night (PG-13)

Robin Hood (PG-13) w/ Clash of the Titans (PG-13)

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Bike Month a Big Success

Thanks to all of the volunteers that helped with April Bike Month. We had five successful events thanks to all of your help: Bike Saviours/REI Bike Drive, Mariposa Elementary Bike Rodeo, 1st Annual TBAG Bike to BBQ, Bike to Work and School Day, and the Great Bike Chase. We also saw the launch of PHXBAG(or BikePHX, or PHXBike, help decide the name!) with a First Fridays Bike Valet at the beginning of the month, and Bicycle Awareness Party at the end of the month.

Bike Saviours and Rusty Spoke collected over 75 used bikes with the help of both Valley REI locations. Both organizations would like to thank those who donated, and REI for supporting and hosting the event.

The Mariposa Elementary Bike Rodeo was also a big success with lots of kids in attendance learning to ride safely. Click here for a full recap.

It was great seeing everyone at the BBQ, we had a great turnout for our first event of this kind. We had families riding around the town lake in the morning, mountain bike rides throughout the day, and then the bike polo crew showed up in the afternoon to help us finish off the burgers and kegs. This event replaced Tempe’s Bike-a-Palooza event that was canceled due to budget cuts. TBAG will be taking a larger role hosting grassroots cycling events like this to get people to come out and have fun on their bikes.

Bike to Work and School Day gets better every year. This year we had volunteers at 7 free breakfast locations around Tempe talking to fellow bike commuters. The volunteers from each location also led rides to the Tempe Transit Center. Mariposa Elementary also promoted bike to school day for their students, there were over 100 kids that biked to school that day and we had volunteers on hand to promote cycling, safety, and fun.

The Great Bike Chase is a long standing Valley Metro event, but budget cuts increase the need for volunteer help. TBAG volunteers set up a DIY screen printing booth at Hance Park and helped people print their own bike and bike month t-shirts. Volunteers also helped with ride marshaling and bike valet parking at a Diamondbacks game. You’ll see the DIY screen printing at many of our upcoming events.

Thanks again to the volunteers, you are what makes TBAG a successful organization helping to promote cycling in Tempe and around the Valley.

bike drive



Bike to Work

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4/25 Great Bike Chase Volunteers

Sun 4/25: The Great Bike Chase
4.3 mile ride from Hance Park (3rd Ave. & Culver in Central Phx to the D’backs game at Chase Field. Free Bike Parking provided at Jefferson ST. Garage (Jefferson & 1st Ave., just south of Chase Field).
Pre-Event @ Hance Park (9-11a) features DIY silkscreen t-shirts, so remember to bring an old shirt to print on.
We still need volunteers for this event.
– GBC Ride Leaders (10:30a – 1:15pm)
– Bike Valet (12-4pm)
– Bike Valet Set-up (9a-12noon)
Event Info, Ticket Pricing & Route Map:
Or volunteer with us & get in to see the D’backs game for FREE.

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Bike Month Continues… Events: 4/16 -4/18

Bike Month Continues…..
4/16 This Friday is TBAG’s monthly 3rd Fridays Ride. April’s theme is awesome local hotel bars. We meet at Tempe TownLake (Mill & Rio Salado) @ 7p. Additional details will be added to the blog soon. For questions or comments contact jeremy@biketempe.org
4/18 Sun: Bike2BBQ @ Papago Park. Registration starts 11a. Event times 12-sundown (approx 7p). Details will be posted on the blog very soon. Questions or comments please contact: sam@biketempe.org
to volunteer, check-out or Bike Month Volunteer Opportunities pg.

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Call for Volunteers – Two Remaining Events

Bike Month has been very successful so far, the first set of events went very well thanks to the people that volunteered. We are still in need of volunteers for two of our major bike month events.

1. Bike to Work and School Day – Thursday 4/22

The first event that we need volunteers for is the City of Tempe’s Bike to Work and School Day on Thursday 4/22. We need representatives at as many of the free breakfast locations as possible (click the link for the list of locations).

You will be there to hand out fliers, stickers, and information on safe and efficient bike commuting that we will provide to you prior to the event. After breakfast you will also be the group ride leader from these locations to the Tempe Transit Center where we will have a TBAG table set up with more resources.

This event reaches bike commuters and potential bike commuters, it is key in our efforts to promote cycling a viable transportation option in the valley.

Click here to volunteer for this event. Fill out the form and check the box Thur 4/22 – Commuter Bike to Work & School Day – Ride Leader we will contact volunteers prior to the event to coordinate locations and materials.

2. Valley Metro Great Bike Chase – Sunday 4/25

The second event that we need volunteers for is the Valley Metro Great Bike Chase on Sunday 4/25. The Bike Chase is a family fun ride from Hance Park to Chase Field that includes tickets to a Diamondbacks game vs. the Phillys.

As a volunteer at this event you will assist as ride marshals along the 4.3 mile route, making sure all attendees have a safe and enjoyable ride. We also need volunteers to help with bike valet parking at the Jefferson Street Parking Garage near Chase Field. You will assist people with parking their own bikes on the way into the game, and help match tagged bikes with their owners on the way out. All volunteers will get free tickets to the game, however we will need some volunteers to stay and help keep an eye on the bikes, let us know if you can help us with this as well.

This event is primarily a family event, it promotes cycling among families and children, helps them learn to ride safely, and shows them that cycling is fun.

Click here to volunteer for this event. Fill out the form and check either or both of the boxes: Sun 4/25 – Great Bike Chase – Ride Marshall and/or Sun 4/25 – Great Bike Chase – Bike Valet

Thanks again to all of our great volunteers, you are what make TBAG events successful, helping to promote cycling as a safe, convenient, and fun form of transportation and recreation.

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Mariposa Bike Rodeos a Tremendous Success

This morning, a fantastic team of TBAG volunteers and more got together to host a bicycling event at Kyrene de la Mariposa, a kindergarten through fifth-grade school that is a pilot school for introducing Safe Routes to School in the Phoenix area. We don’t have a final count on how many kids participated, but a lot of folks turned out and the event was a whole lot of fun for everyone involved.

Volunteers first helped to set up two bike rodeo courses, one for the younger kids and one for the older kids. Meanwhile, the kids completed a fun run around the school and surrounding park. When the kids returned, they got fitted for new helmets and had a chance to embellish them with all kinds of fun decorations. My personal favorites were a girl who attached a small turtle to her helmet, very much like the turtle on the helmet of TBAG board member Ryan, and another girl who added a pink hippopotamus and a mini-bouquet of roses to hers.

Once the kids were helmeted, they headed over to the bike rodeo courses to practice important safety concepts that they need to know to ride on roadways. I helped guide the kindergarten through third grade kids through practice with leaving the driveway, using hand signals, riding straight while looking back, stopping quickly, avoiding dangerous dogs, and dodging roadway debris. The kids had such a great time they were begging to repeat and practice the exercises.

After the safety rodeos, everyone was ready to put their skills to the test, so we reassembled for a short bike ride. Ryan, riding a tallbike, led the ride, and it was incredible to see so many kids forming a huge bicycling parade. Upon returning to the school, we held a raffle for two kids’ bicycles donated by REI, and gave prizes to the kids for completing the ride and safety events.

The whole event was a great lead-up to our next planned event at the school, on Earth Day, April 22, which is Bike to Work and School Day, where we’ll be encouraging families and kids to ride on in to school!

Many thanks to all of our TBAG volunteers, who helped make the event a tremendous success in so many ways, to the City of Tempe for organizational and logistical help, to Ariel Rodriguez and his team of Recreational Programming students from Arizona State University, and to the parents and staff of Kyrene de la Mariposa for supporting the event.

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Bike Month This Week: Sat 4/10 & Sun 4/11

Sat 4/10: 9a-12:30p Mariposa IronKids
Kyrene de la Mariposa School (K-6) | Location: 50 E. Knox Rd., map: http://www.mapquest.com/mq/7-TMWdWEX*VcwP
Event Details:
2 Mile Walk/Run
2 Mile Fun Ride, w/ decorated helmets & bikes (theme: EarthDay)
Bike Safety Rodeo:
& DIY Silkscreening
help us teach kids safe cycling in a car-free Bike Rodeo setting.
Volunteer Sign-up
For additional questions please contact:
Sam | sam@biketempe.org | (602)316-6536
Tanya | tanya_chavez@tempe.gov | (480)250-5181

Sun 4/11: Cycle the Arts (w/ Free Bike Valet)
Event Times: (registration)8:30a – 10a
Bike Valet: 10a-12:30p @ the Art Museum
map: http://maps.google.com/maps?ie=UTF-8&hl=en&tab=wl
Additional Event Info:
goto: http://www.scottsdaleaz.gov/traffic (click: Bikeways)
Valet Volunteers:
We just need 2 volunteers for this short & sweet mini-bike valet. Please contact: sam@biketempe | (602)316-6536

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