Cartel’s Maple Ash Bash Recap

maple ash bashThat’s a wrap! Our heads are still spinning from the excitement and fun of Cartel’s Maple Ash Bash on March 30th.  The beer was flowing, the pedals were turning, and the community was all together in celebration of Cartel’s 5th anniversary. Any Tempe local knows that it’s neighborhood events like these that make our city such a fun and special place to live.

Whether your favorite part of the day was the bike jousting, the figure-eight races, or the slow rides, one thing we can all agree on is that it was better with beer. A special thank you and round of applause for New Belgium, Odell, SanTan, and Four Peaks brewing companies, who so graciously donated the beer, and helped us to make the day special. We’re lucky to work with sponsors who care about our neighborhoods, and support local bike non-profits—we’ll drink to that!

This was the Maple Ash Bash’s first year, and we were thrilled by the turnout. Collaborating with Cartel is something that TBAG has long wanted to do, and thanks to the staff and management, it was a great experience that we look forward to having again this time next year. This event has the potential to be a huge neighborhood block party, and we’re excited to be along for that (bike) ride. Not only is it a good time with good people, but thanks to the funds raised, we’re able to contribute to projects like bike racks for local businesses, bike lights, advertising campaigns, and working more with the city of Tempe. Stay tuned as we work to transform Tempe, and the rest of the Valley, into a safer and friendlier place for cyclists like you!

Paige Baker

Gandhi would have loved me, maybe.

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