We are pleased to welcome 3 new board members to the board of Tempe Bicycle Action Group. There were 5 nominees but only 3 positions available. The board, and members present, elected: Marcus Wirthgen, Joe Perez and Eric Iwersen. Overall, the meeting went exceptionally well, lots of new ideas and lots of enthusiasm. We’ll spend a week or two aggregating all the ideas and sharing them with relevant parties. We look forward to a vibrant 2010! If you missed the meeting we’ll post a lengthier recap this week, so stay tuned.

4 Responses to “Please welcome new board members!”
  1. In my official capacity as a runner-up, I’d like to congratulate Marcus, Joe and Eric on their crushing defeats over me. I look forward to participating in more efforts in my official capacity as a runner-up.


  2. I mean crushing victories.

  3. Tom says:

    Freudian slip there Scrottie? I personally think you’re much more effective in an outsider role, stoking the fires and feeding the board your off-kilter ideas :)

  4. Myko says:

    I concur with Tom on this one Scott. :) Sadly I missed the meeting. Boo on that.

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