Reminder: Give input on proposed Valley Metro fare increases

Just a reminder that Valley Metro is seeking public comments on proposed fare increases. The fare increases are significant and range from 22% to 170% depending on type of fare purchased. Comments are due by 1/22. To submit comments please visit this page.

A quick overview of proposed fare structures. There are 3 that VM is considering, all have increases for fares across the board including regular, reduced and student fares as well as ADA Dial a Ride pricing. The scenarios are illustrated in the two graphics below which come from a recorded webinar that can be viewed here. The first graphic indicates the 3 scenarios and how they will affect one ride and all-day passes. Note that only the 3rd and most expensive scenario is labeled as “Most likely to provide revenue to maintain current service”. The second graphic provides greater detail on all fare increases. Note that “On-board” indicates purchasing a pass when you board the bus and is more expensive. “Off-board” indicates purchasing a pass via, at a Transit Store, or at pass vending machines. The increase to an all-day local regular pass ranges from 70% to 170%. Increases to the monthly local regular pass ranges from 22% to 55%. Increases to a Spring or Fall semester student pass ranges from 21% to 53%.



For more information, please view the recorded webinar.