Speak up! Your voice will be heard!

ScrottiePassionate about bikes? Let your local and state government know.

Whether you ride for the sake of health, transportation, or to support a deeper belief in a sustainable lifestyle it’s likely that you, as a cyclist, don’t favor the prospect of getting hit by a car, riding over cracked and bumpy pavement, or finding yourself in a bike UN-friendly neighborhood. Let your local leaders know!

As a cyclist your voice will be heard. TBAG Board Member and advocacy leader Scrottie recently went to Tucson to speak in a Arizona Department of Transportation meeting and the amazing thing is – they respected and heard his comments. For a complete account of Scrottie’s travels, view his blog post: http://www.biketempe.org/adot-loves-you/ 

Want to stay on top of bike issues and opportunities to become involved? Update your contact information with biketempe.org to receive advocacy alerts in the future:

http://www.biketempe.org/join-us/update-your-tbag-contact-info/ and get registered for advocacy alerts.

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