Cycle Right! Friday Feb 17th 2012


Cycle Right! Invites YOU (and all of your friends) on a bike ride to promote cycling rights and motor-user awareness.

Cyclists are an integral and growing part of our community. Unfortunately, this fun and sustainable mode of transportation can be dangerous in a city built for cars. Our event aims at education and raising awareness for bicycle users so less of us get hurt or even killed by cars. The more of us show up, the better.

It will also be FUN!

There will be a RAFFLE and FOOD TRUCKS!

Bring your helmet, if you have one. But above all else, this event is about education, making a statement, and raising awareness!

Cycle Right! in collaboration with
Bike Saviours Co-Op
Brand-X Clothing

Tweed Ride: a leisurely ride with a bit o style – Sat. Feb 11th

Tweed Ride 2012Banish the spandex and don your most dapper casuals for the return of the Tweed Ride, an evening adventure of woolen skirts, bucket hats, and sport coats on Saturday Feb. 11 at 5:30 p.m. starting at Tempe Beach Park.

Tempe Bicycle Action Group welcomes riders of all types and skill levels to wear their favorite woolens skirts, capes, shawls, tweed jackets, caps, and knickers on this fine night of cycling and style. Cyclists will meet at the entrance to Tempe Beach Park for photos and to show off their style at 5:30 p.m. Following the meet and greet, riders will be off to show off their herringbone, twill, plaid and checkered styles with class at the finest Tempe drinking constabularies.

  • Where: Tempe Beach Park on the northwest corner of Mill Avenue and Rio Salado Parkway.
  • When: Saturday Feb. 11 at 5:30 p.m. Ride at 6 p.m.
  • What: A fine night of cycling and style at the classiest public houses of Tempe.
  • Cost: The ride is free!

TBAG’s monthly social bike rides will now be held on the Second Saturday of every month.

Sign up and see who else is rollin’ with the crew via Facebook.

New! To get text message alerts for this ride, text TWEED to 719-355-TBAG (8224)

This nighttime ride is hosted by Tempe Bicycle Action Group, a nonprofit organization working to make bicycling a prominent, safe and convenient form of transportation and recreation in Tempe, Arizona and surrounding areas through education, grassroots events, and civic participation.

Desert Polo Invite 4 This Weekend!

Out friends from Arizona Bike Polo are hosting the Desert Polo Invite 4 this Saturday and Sunday in Tempe.

This year will be bigger than ever!!! 40+ teams, 4 courts, SERIOUS POLO!!! Round Robin on Saturday, Double elimination on Sunday. Come by and see some of the worlds best polo. Anyone can come by, there will be food, shirts for sale, and a raffle anyone can participate in!!

Desert Polo Invite 4


Tempe Tweed Ride presented by TBAG 3rd Fridays

Once again, a third Friday is upon us!

Tempe Bicycle Action Group will host another Social gathering of Bicycles this Third Friday of February.

Don your most dapper casuals for the Valley’s First Tweed Ride, commencing at seven o’clock in the evening from Tempe Beach Park at Rio Salado & Mill Avenue. We’ll have a jaunt up and about south Scottsdale and finish with a pint at the British Open Pub.

Proper attire is requested; may we suggest your favorite woolens – skirts, capes, and shawls for the ladies and jackets, bow ties, sweater vests, caps, and of course knickers for the gents. Houndstooth, corduroy, and argyle are welcome… but TWEED is KING!

I dare say one shan’t have too difficult a time finding ideas for this fashionable event, but here are a few places you might begin:
Catcubed | A Tweed Primer
Dashing Tweeds blog
London Fixed Gear and Single-Speed Tweed Ride 2009-01-24 Sat – The Tweed Run I
Divine Caroline “I Feel the Need … The Need For Tweed”

Or how about some suggestions for haberdashers and clothiers? Well, Sunset Clothing Xchange, right in front of Bike Saviours might be a place to start. Also, Buffalo Exchange, Salvation Army and Goodwill are likely to have an article or two befitting the occasion. Many of these donate a portion of their proceeds to charities and hire an all volunteer staff. And what is greener than recycled clothing?

The particulars:
Tempe Tweed Ride
Friday 19th February, 2010
Meeting at 7 p.m. Tempe Beach Park
Rolling at 7:30!

Tally ho!