TBAG Survey Results

Thanks to everyone who took our survey last month (link to survey)! 59 of you weighed in on future TBAG activities and here’s what you said:

Potential future TBAG activities (average score, 5=best):

  1. Partner with the City of Tempe to start a bicycle friendly business program (3.66)
  2. Host monthly bicycle-related social events, such as bike film nights at a local bar and tours of local happy hours by bike (3.64)
  3. Organize informal cycling tours/camping trips and weekly rides (3.47)
  4. Start a program to distribute free (or low cost) bicycle lights to encourage safe cycling (3.27)
  5. Work with the City of Tempe on a bicycle rack program (3.15)
  6. Bring a bicycle film festival to Tempe (3.15)
  7. Lobby for a citywide texting-while-driving ban (similar to the recent Phoenix ban) (2.98)
  8. Deliver a set of bicycle commuter workshops (including workshops specifically for women and the ASU community) (2.97)
  9. Hold a series of bicycle trailer building workshops (2.49)
  10. Set up bicycle valet parking at large Tempe events (concerts, Festival of the Arts etc.) (2.33)

People also suggested lobbying the city for better bicycle infrastructure, putting on crosstown bike/light rail/bus races, reinstating bike polo, providing accident statistics, holding large cycling events to improve cyclist visibility, tune-up workshops, cyclist eduction, and driver education.

Thanks for all of these great ideas! In the next week or two, we’ll be contacting everyone who indicated they’d be willing to volunteer so that we can set up program committees and start moving on some of these projects.

Also in the coming weeks, look for the launch of some new TBAG programs and some social rides!