Tempe Transportation Master Plan Public Meetings – 11/28 and 12/1

Want to have a say in Tempe’s bike lane, pathway, road and transit planning? Plan on attending the upcoming public meetings on Nov 28th and Dec 1st.

From the city of Tempe:

The city of Tempe will hold a series of open houses for the Tempe Transportation Master Plan (TMP) in order to gather resident feedback related to the needs for mobility/accessibility in Tempe.

The purpose for the Transportation Master Plan is to guide the further development of a citywide multi-modal transportation system integrated with land use plans.

  • The TMP provides the policy basis for how transportation funding is spent, and what projects or programs the city focuses on to provide transportation services for its citizens through the year 2040.
  • The plan sets these projects and programs within the context of the broader community goals in the General Plan to guide the growth and development of Tempe and enhance quality of life.

Residents are encouraged to attend at least one of the open houses to learn about the plan and provide input.

  • Open houses will occur Wednesday, Nov. 28, 6 – 7:30 p.m. at the Tempe Transportation Center in the Don Cassano Community Room, 200 E. Fifth St., 2nd floor and on Saturday, Dec. 1, 9:30 – 11 a.m. at the Tempe History Museum, 809 E. Southern Ave., Tempe.
  • The purpose of the open houses is to gather feedback on the character of a balanced street network and options for creating more pedestrian-friendly areas throughout Tempe.
  • The public will be introduced to the concept of complete street principles that will be used in the plan. The draft plan will include elements related to streets, pedestrian facilities, bikeways, transit and high-capacity options (freeways and rail).
  • Residents can comment online at www.tempe.gov/transportationplan

One thought on “Tempe Transportation Master Plan Public Meetings – 11/28 and 12/1

  1. I would like to ad my observations regarding transportation plan for Tempe. As a resident living in the area South of the US60, I note that we have little public transportation in this entire area. There are a couple of buses that run either East/West or North/south, but there is absolutely no small buses such as the Orbit system which demonates the area North of the US60 and runs all through the neighborgoods in that area. Why is it that the area South of the US60 does not merit the Orbit system or some other small buses that would enable residents to get around the northern Tempe area without having to change to a second or third bus to reach areas such as the Tempe Library, the Tempe Court, ASU, and the light-rail to name a few? There are a number of new large apartment/condo building being erected in the southern area mentioned above which involves hundreds of new residents, which will mean a huge number of more vehicles being used for those who would like to reach areas in the northern part of Tempe. The traffic is already loaded up, and once these new complexes are completed things will get a lot more congested. Has anyone from the City Council considered looking at the needs of the residents south of the US60? Thank you for noting my comments when consideration transportation needs for Tempe.

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