Tempe Tweed Ride 2

Tempe Bicycle Action Group will host a Social gathering of Cyclists this Third Friday of February.

Don your most dapper casuals for the return of the Tweed Ride, an evening adventure.

From Tempe Beach Park at Rio Salado & Mill Avenue we’ll have a wee tour of Mill Ave and begin our evening at Robbie Fox’s Public House. Robbie & Mike have offered draughts to our group at a Dollar off. From there we’ll turn our wheels t’ward Boulders On Broadway, one of Tempe’s most bicycle-friendly restaurants.

Then, for those brave and bold, a fair steeple-chase up and about the Green Belt where we shall arrive at last upon the British Open Pub for a final pint and a basket of English Wallys.

Proper attire is most important; may we suggest your favorite woolens – skirts, capes, and shawls for the ladies and jackets, vests, caps, and of course knickers for the gents.

On the hunt for Tweed and for fashion ideas? Here are some articles that may inspire the curious:
Catcubed | A Tweed Primer
Dashing Tweeds blog
London Fixed Gear and Single-Speed Tweed Ride 2009-01-24 Sat – The Tweed Run
Divine Caroline “I Feel the Need … The Need For Tweed”

So buff your leather, brush your corduroy, and hitch your chequered stockings… but remember TWEED is KING!

Brought to you by TBAG Third Fridays

7 thoughts on “Tempe Tweed Ride 2

  1. Scour your local thrift stores, always plenty of jackets and sweaters to be found for under ten bucks.

  2. Anyone is welcome on the rides. One of the big reasons we do them is to show people how much fun cycling can be. Hope to see you on Friday!

  3. Just smashing! We’re grateful to KORE BICYCLES and RETRO RANCH for donating prizes for the night. Mentions will go out to the best-dressed Lady, Man, Couple, and best example of Tweed. (note: excellent Moustaches will probably sway the point total.)

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