Third Friday Festivus Ride 12/17

Happy ChristmaHannaKwanzaStice…

Holidays got you confused? Us too. Whether Humanist or Hedonist, come drown your perplexities and unbury your hard feelings with a stern airing of grievances over a friendly pint.

Join us, as always, at the entrance to Tempe Beach Park at 7:30 on Friday the 17th.

Bring – LIGHTS! LOCKS! ID! Hot Cocoa! And a list of demands!!

One thought on “Third Friday Festivus Ride 12/17

  1. I’m getting together with some friends tomorrow for a pub crawl on bikes in Tempe. We’re not getting started until 8 PM-ish, so we can’t meet you at Tempe Beach Park. How do I find out where you guys are throughout the night so we can meet up with you?

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