Would YOU trade your CAR for a BIKE?

Would YOU trade your CAR for a BIKE?

New Belgium is looking for one dedicated individual at each Tour de Fat stop this Summer to commit to living car-free for one year. It could be you. In exchange for this tremendous gesture, New Belgium would like to award you with a custom-fitted, Fort Collins-built, New Belgium commuter bike to ride as your rolling badge of courage and honor. You will be a hero to the many disenchanted citizens who are tired of pollution and traffic congestion. You’ll also get to chronicle the trials and triumphs of your journey to a car-free existence on the New Belgium website as a harbinger of positive change for others who might attempt this feat.

Interested? Click HERE and then click the “Bike Trade” link for more info. Also, don’t miss the video of “Denver Kev’s Car-Free Salvation” from the recent Denver TdF.

Having trouble with the the followyourfolly website? Here is Car for Bike trade info in MS Word Format: would-you-trade-your-car-for-a-bike.doc

6 thoughts on “Would YOU trade your CAR for a BIKE?

  1. The Follow your Folly web site does NOT work for my computer so it would be a wonderful public service if you could include the really important information about the Tour de FAT on your Tempe Bicycle Action Group message – such as WHERE does it happen, on WHAT DAY, and WHAT TIME is registration and WHAT TIME is the ride and what other events take place and HOW MUCH does it cost to enter and are we supposed to decorate the bikes or just RIDE them, etc. – PLEASE – THANK YOU

  2. while this sounds like fun and a worthy cause I can’t help but wonder what happens to the donated cars?

  3. My understanding is that they are auctioned off with all proceeds going to the bicycle non-profit beneficiaries in the corresponding town.

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