Two upcoming City meetings

In the event that the news hasn’t reached you through other channels, this is to let you know of two upcoming transportation-related meetings (or to remind you to consider attending):

1. Tomorrow, Sunday, December 2 at 6:30 PM – The Maple-Ash Neighborhood Association December Meeting will include a presentation of current traffic studies and discussion of traffic calming possibilities for the neighborhood. Eric Iwerson will be presenting. The meeting will occur at Hatton Hall, which is at 34 E. 7th St.

2. Monday, December 10 at 6:30 PM – Meeting to present plans for the Crosscut Canal Path Expansion project. Details about the project are on the City’s website. The meeting will occur at 155 N. Bridalwreath (the North Tempe Multi-Generational Center).

Further information on these meetings and on a couple of other projects can be found on the Tempe In Motion website at .

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