Will Effort to Block Road on Camelback Mtn Impact Cyclists?

For those of you that follow Valley news closely, you’ve probably seen the recent articles in the Arizona Republic about attempts by residents of Valle Vista Road on the south side of Camelback Mountain to privatize their road and thereby block access to all automotive traffic except that of residents. Since Valle Vista is one of the highest roads in the Valley and offers stunning views, it tends to draw people out to enjoy the view – as well as public drinking and drug use, and increased crime the residents claim. The road is also a popular cycling route for riders looking for challenging terrain amid the urban sprawl. The request by residents to close the road has been very controversial (check out the comments on this article) and has set off a battle over the road closure.

Currently, supporters of the road closure have stated that cyclists will not be impacted:

“Walkers and bikers still would be able to access the street, residents say”

However, there is some concern among cyclists who ride regularly on Valle Vista and surrounding streets that if the residents successfully obtain the privatization of the road, non-motorized users would soon lose their access to the roads as well.

If you are concerned about this effort to privatize access to Valle Vista Rd. and the potential impact it may have on cyclists who ride this excellent and challenging terrain, there will be a public hearing on Wednesday where you can have your voice heard:

Hearing on Wednesday
What: Hearing on abandonment of Valle Vista Road.
When: 10 a.m. Wednesday
Where: Conference Room C, Phoenix City Hall, 200 W. Washington St.

A resident who lives above the potential point of road closure has also started a petition against the closure – if you wish to sign the petition you can do so at the Bike Barn