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Three AZ cities receive top-20 status as America’s Top Bike-Friendly Cities

Way to go, Arizona! Three AZ cycling communities received top-20 status as BICYCLING Magazine’s “America’s Top Bike-Friendly Cities”: Tucson, Scottsdale and, of course, Tempe. It’s an honor to get a mention as long strides have been taken by these cities to build momentum in cycling advocacy.

But totally snubbed: FLAGSTAFF… wut? Let us know your thoughts.

Check out the complete rundown at BICYCLING.com (heads up – the article loads one page at a time for 50 entries. Get some coffee.)


  1. Dan Permalink

    I’ll tell you why Flagstaff was snubbed – the police there are jerks. It’s well known they love to write BS tickets to cyclists all day and all night. A PLAIN CLOTHES detective grabbed my handlebars and whipped out his badge to lecture me on having lights. I HAD FRONT AND REAR LIGHTS. There may be plenty of places to ride your bike around Flag, but let’s be real. The Flag PD and Coconino Sheiff like to break balls.

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