Chief Volunteer(s) Wanted for Oktoberfest and Greater AZ Beer Festival Bike Vallets

TBAG has two premier bicycle valets it puts on each year:  Oktoberfest and the Greater Arizona Beer Festival.

Oktoberfest,, runs October 11-13.  The Greater Arizona Beer Festival,, is March 2nd.

We need a Chief Volunteer to make sure these events happen!  Will that be you? Will you organize the legions of other volunteers into shifts, make sure fences get rented and delivered, get people to haul bike racks from storage, find the claim tickets, and make sure that cyclists have a safe place to leave their bike while they sample fine beers?  Get in touch with me (scrottie at  Our bicycle valets are great visibility for TBAG and a great service for Tempe.  We would do more if we could — we’ve been asked to — but we need to make sure that these two happen.