Tempe Bicycle Action Group

Surveys for Country Club Way & the 3rd/5th Avenue Improvement Projects are open.

Country Club Way Bicycle & Pedestrian Improvement Project – Tempe

Artists rendition of a proposed rest node on the southernmost segment of the path

The City of Tempe has published the video recording from the second Country Club Way Bicycle & Pedestrian Improvement Project on February 20th. You can find the recording link on the project page @ https://www.tempe.gov/government/engineering-and-transportation/transportation/bicycle-pedestrian/country-club-way

We would encourage everyone to provide input about the new proposals/edits. The survey will be available until March 7th at the Tempe Forum page https://www.tempe.gov/government/communication-and-media-relations/tempe-forum

3rd & 5th Avenue Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvement Project – Phoenix

Proposed street plan for 3rd Ave at McDowell

Likewise the City of Phoenix is asking for residents and users of the 3rd/5th Avenue corridor for input on the proposed street plan between Thomas and McDowell Roads. This plan is visible on the project page https://www.phoenix.gov/streets/3rdand5thavenuesnorth

As the survey images are small and difficult to view we’re recommending opening that in a new page @ https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=XGm5lg5PvUKK37p1V2A0axeoToAzZKVNu6F8Awf8SrRUM01QU0FTV05CNFlVMjVBQVozNzdFQUgyRy4u

Unfortunately there is no construction timeline for this as there has not been any money budgeted for these improvements at this time.