Tempe Bicycle Action Group

Chandler to extend Kyrene and Highline paths

We just learned that the City of Chandler is proposing to install/extend the Kyrene and Highline canal multi-use paths from Tempe’s southern border to Ray Road.

Chandler is holding an open house about this proposal on Monday, August 22 from 5:30-6:30 PM in the Sunset Library Monsoon Room at 4920 W Ray Rd.

Google calendar link to (unofficial) TBAG event https://calendar.google.com/event?action=TEMPLATE&tmeid=M3Bzam5oYzFnMHY2djFiZ2JjcWtmdXUwM3IgYmlrZXRlbXBlLm9yZ19hZnRhOHU0bXNlMXAxYjNsMWExbW0wZmZsa0Bn&tmsrc=biketempe.org_afta8u4mse1p1b3l1a1mm0fflk%40group.calendar.google.com