Alameda I-10 bridge in the news

While we’ve posted and commented about this on Facebook and Reddit we’ve neglected our blog readers, many apologies.

If you haven’t heard apparently the motoring public is so unsatisfied with the near doubling of the I-10 freeway they are receiving, at the expense of taxpayers, that they feel they need to bag on the bike ped/bridge being built at the Alameda alignment. The impetus of this television spot was how some people driving (assumption by author) viewed this CRITICALLY important connection as a giveaway to the baseball stadium.

I’d swear that there was a short text column that accompanied the video linked above. In any event the TV article captures what one bicyclist thinks of this new bridge. As usual a 20 minute conversation and interview get’s trimmed to less than 2 minutes of on screen time.

I think the journalist did a fair job riding the middle without emphasizing or disparaging either side but I may not be a great judge about such things.